Five printing terms you need to know (part 3)

Offset and digital printing at TPH The Printing HouseA lot of effort goes into developing marketing materials and other print collateral. Many people are involved in the process and successful marketing materials directly impact your bottom line. Marketing develops brand awareness and helps you build your business and land new customers.… Read More

Seven unique packaging examples that involve custom cutting

When you’re trying to develop a distinctive, eye-catching package for your product, prototypes help you test out different ideas and figure out what works and what doesn’t. Traditionally, prototyping has been expensive and time-consuming, but custom cutting can streamline the process.… Read More

Seven things to check before sending files to print

All types of printing services fast at TPH The Printing HousePrinting is an area of marketing where it is essential to get it right the first time. Otherwise, a business could easily miss a critical deadline or spend double what the job should cost.… Read More

5 Tips to connect with your customer using direct mail

Direct mail strategies at TPH The Printing HouseOn the outside it may appear as though direct mail campaigns cost more overall for businesses than other marketing methods. However, when you consider the long term results and impact that you can gain, that may not be the case.… Read More

Get noticed: how to create unique flyers for your business

Constantly marketing your business is the only way to stay on your customers’ radar, but finding creative ways to stay front and centre can be a challenge. Creating and distributing unique flyers for your business is a relatively inexpensive and efficient way to get the buzz going about your products and/or services.… Read More

Everything you need to know about print quotes

Estimate your printing today at TPH The Printing HouseWhen you’re getting ready to request a quote on a printing job, it’s important to have all your ducks in a row. You need to know exactly what you want, so you can give the printer all the information needed to put together an accurate quote for your job.… Read More

Things to consider when selecting signage

Signage, whether it is outdoor or indoor, is an important aspect of any local business’ marketing plan. It is also key to establishing the branding for your business. A first impression is a lasting one, so make sure your signage is appealing and consistent with your brand.… Read More

How to use stickers and labels to boost your brand recognition

Stickers are more than just child’s play! If you’ve ever bought an Apple product, you’ve probably received a sticker of their logo. Stickers are an easy way to increase your brand impressions.… Read More

How UV coating can help you bring images to life

Are you considering the different print options available to make your product stand out? You may or may not have heard the term “UV coating.” UV coating is the most popular choice of all the protective coatings when it comes to catching attention and protecting collateral.… Read More