4 things to add to your back-to-school list

Header image featuring custom printed and embroidered wearables including a fabric facemask, printed hoodie and embroidered baseball cap.

Returning back-to-school amidst COVID-19 means taking new safety measures. Schools will be exploring new physical distancing signage, shields, dividers, and required masks. After physical distancing solutions are accounted for, there’s still some back-to-school items we wanted to share to make your child’s first day back memorable – from personalized apparel to custom puzzles and photo-worthy signs.

Photo of a young boy being embraced by his parent, wearing a fabric face mask with his name embroidered in it. Detail shot of the face mask with the embroidered name is next to it.

Custom Face Masks

Canadian students and teachers will be required to return to school this fall wearing face masks. However, parents and teachers know that children tend to trade things away at recess – from lunches to clothing. Personal protective equipment is the last thing you want them to swap.

Consider creating custom, personalized masks embroidered with their names or favorite sayings. Creating masks with a sense of ownership will discourage children from trading them away. Involving them in the process of designing a set of masks can also give your child a sense of control over their appearance, which can further encourage them to keep their mask on properly throughout the day.

Lastly, as a bonus, custom embroidered face masks can help you keep track of which ones are dirty around the house, promising that you’ll always send your kids to school with the cleanest and safest protective equipment. Embroider them with days of the week for extra organization!

Contact your TPH Manager to get started on custom masks.

Image of a smiling girl next to a custom hoodie featuring a school logo.

Custom Apparel and Hats

TPH offers a variety of back-to-school custom apparel for children who want to wear their hearts on their sleeves or show off their budding fashion design skills.

With custom printing and embroidery available in endless colours and styles, you can work with your children to create fun and personalized t-shirts, sweaters, and ball caps. Help your kids dawn their favourite sports teams, amplify causes or issues that are important to them, or flaunt their creativity!

If it’s your child’s very first year, consider getting them an oversized “Class of 2028” shirt that they can revisit on their eighth-grade graduation! There’s no minimum quantity to get started, and you can either send us your designs or work with one of our experienced designers to bring your ideas to life.

Contact your TPH Manager to create custom apparel that will leave your child feeling confident and excited for the return to the classroom.

Photo of a smiling girl holding a sign saying "a kindergarten graduate".

First Day of School Posters & Signs

Commemorate the first day of school with custom posters and signs. Throw an Instagram-worthy photoshoot for the big day – a photo memory your child can have forever. Whether this will be your child’s first year in school or they’re heading back after having last semester cut short, you shouldn’t underestimate how meaningful it can be to capture the memory with professionally printed signs and posters. Popular ideas include featuring your child’s age, what they want to be when they grow up, and their graduating year. Consider making this an annual tradition. You’ll eventually be able to assemble a collage, photobook or personalized puzzle of your child through the years!

Contact your TPH Manager or order your posters online.

Image of a puzzle featuring a kid's drawing
Personalized Puzzles

Right now, you might find yourself desperate for the schools to reopen and for the kids to get out of the house. However, every parent knows that deep down, time spent with their children is precious. Though the recent shift to homeschooling was a significant disruption, finding new ways to connect with and entertain our children has been a rewarding experience. What better way to keep that alive than with a classic after-school family activity: puzzles!

Our personalized puzzles are a fantastic way to unwind together after a long day or pass a rainy afternoon while commemorating your fondest memories. Simply upload family photos or your child’s latest art class masterpiece and we’ll do the rest. Create a personalized game that the whole family can enjoy together. Our puzzles are available in multiple sizes and difficulties: from 100-750 pieces.

Get started ordering your personalized puzzle online.

TPH’s back-to-school physical distancing

For the parents and teachers who are most concerned about their kid’s safety – we haven’t forgotten about you! Our physical distancing solutions are vast – from face shields and masks to shields and dividers for your child’s sports or piano lessons.

Below, watch one creative way our youngest customers started thinking about safety in the classroom.


Our options are endless – we can create just about anything to fit your needs! For all back-to-school physical distancing needs, contact your TPH Manager or order online.

Whether you’re commemorating memories with puzzles or apparel or you’re searching for physical distancing protection to keep our schools safe, we’re here to help create the custom solutions you’re accustomed to. Have a safe, and creative return back-to-school!

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