4 Office Updates Millennials Want

Long gone are dull cubicles and neutral walls that made us feel like worker drones. If you’re looking around your office all you see is grey, beige or greige, it’s time for an update if you want to attract or retain tomorrow’s top employees.

Millennials make up 27.5% of the Canadian population and are driving a major transformation to the workplace.

So how do you move from a boring traditional office space to a modern workspace of tomorrow?

Here are 4 tips to update your office (and not all of them relate to décor).

Ditch Dull

Corporate doesn’t have to be boring. Your office walls, windows and floors can help promote your brand, showcase your corporate identity and injecting bright vibrant colours into your office.

  • Think in 3 Dimension – creativity shouldn’t be limited to a flat piece. With acrylics your designs literally jump off the wall. Adding backlighting or a custom shape can turn a plain, boring wall into a 3D work of art.
  • Artwork on canvas can gives any space a gallery feel, but you don’t need generic prints mass produced artwork. Create your own custom prints on single canvases, an on-trend multi-panel option or a combination of canvas printed options that use images tailored to your corporate identity, brand and colours for a truly unique feel.
  • Look down – the space beneath your feet doesn’t have to be dull. Indoor or outdoors, durable decals add a visual interest and a splash of colour to let you promote your brand, market specialty items or help show directions. There’s a canvas for your creativity waiting for you to look down.


Create Calm

We’ve all seen meditation rooms and rest spaces in airports and hotels. Offices are increasingly offering a space for their workers to relax and unwind during the workday to help reduce stress. You don’t need a dedicated room, you can create a relaxing space with some clever décor. Here’s how:

  • Start with a calming wallpaper.
  • Add a custom wall mural to create an escape.
  • Create separation with a fabric or vinyl banner while adding a little privacy.
  • Use natural fabrics and materials are often to promote calm. Consider creating custom, intricate or branded artwork on wood, metal or glass using laser engraving.


Cut Glare

While most people love to see the sun shining, the bright light wreaks havoc on technology creating a glare that leads to eyestrain or poor ergonomics if you turn monitors or keyboards.

Pulling down the shade doesn’t have to be boring. Use blinds as an opportunity to promote your business or showcase some colourful artwork.

Our green-guard certified Eco-sheer blinds provide sheer visibility but eliminate glare and reflection.  They provide partial light blockage for privacy and reduce energy consumption.


Show you care

Today’s employees (particularly millennials) are looking for companies that care – about their community and the environment.

Whether you’re considered a green employer today or not, you can start taking small steps to put sustainability on the agenda.

  • Use sustainably-sourced or recycled paper for all your printing needs
  • Ask about environmentally-friendly inks
  • Host a bee hive to help rebuild dwindling bee hive populations
  • Power your office from environmentally-friendly sources.

Contact your closest TPH Location to find out how we can help update your space.

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