Back to School: 6 Ways to Enhance Your Education Plan

Back to School

Summer’s winding down and we all know what that means – it’s time to go back to school! Not only do new and returning students have to prepare for the upcoming year, but teachers must also organize for the new curriculum. Searching for ways to present course content in an interesting and engaging way can be a challenge.

Check out these 6 ways you can use print to enhance your education plan:


A classic staple of any classroom, a world map can be a valuable teaching aid. Print a large format map with a custom design so you can tailor the content to your specific lesson plan.

Calendars & Student Planners

Create a custom calendar or planner containing all the important dates, deadlines and events for the coming school year. Your students will thank you for helping them stay organized! A student planner is also a great way to communicate important contact information for your school’s organizations and resources.


Need an easy and effective way to help students absorb concepts? Print an eye catching poster of a diagram, periodic table, or motivational quote to add some visual interest to your learning space.


Create professionally bound saddle stitched and softcover booklets for your assignment or project guidelines, custom course materials and more.


Attending a conference, or presenting your work at an important industry event or meeting? Print multiple copies of your report or presentation for a professional touch! Having a hardcopy of your content will help keep attendants engaged, and gives them a way to take your information home with them.

3D Printing

A new way to help students learn! 3D printing can be used to create interactive models and teaching aids that can allow your class to better visualize concepts. Introducing a tactile and more hands on way to learn can lead to a stronger understanding in your students.

Looking to create any of the materials mentioned above? Contact your closest TPH branch and our experienced team can help!

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