Logo tips and essentials for your brand

Your company’s logo is arguably the most important component of your brand strategy. It’s the element seen most frequently by customers, contributes to brand recognition, and represents your business in the simplest form. Think of the thousands of logos already collected and stored in your memory from years past – it’s a catalog of all the companies you’ve interacted and made a connection with. 

Putting careful thought into the design is crucial to ensuring your logo is unique and able to withstand the test of time. Check out these tips to build a killer logo for your company. 

Know your brand identity

Having a deep understanding of your brand will allow you to create a logo that accurately represents it and captures its personality. The first step in creating your logo is identifying who you are and what you’d like to communicate.

Consider your target audience and what would speak to them the most, as well as the defining characteristics of your brand. Is it contemporary or classic? Complex or simple? Identifying these factors early on will help to clarify your message and give you a starting point for your design.

Consider colour

Colour plays an important role in conveying meaning, in addition to making your brand look great. Different colours represent different feelings and associations, and should be carefully considered when designing your logo. A bright, bold colour might give off a fun, energetic impression, while more muted tones appear more professional and mature. 

A strong logo design should also translate well to greyscale, for instances when colour won’t be used (such as a black and white print). Don’t forget to consider the cultural implications of your colour choices if your audience will be based in a certain region!

Timeless over Trendy

It’s common in design to see certain trends popularize and become overdone. Don’t fall into the trap of being trendy. When it comes to your logo, it’s better to aim for something timeless that will stay relevant over the years. Think of your wardrobe – that classic white button down has served you much better over the years than the pair of fringed cowboy boots you bought in 2002, hasn’t it?

That’s not to say your logo won’t require an update every few years, but a timeless design will ensure your brand stays memorable and easily recognizable by customers for generations.

Keep it simple

Avoid overcomplicating your logo design and keep it clean and simple. Whether it’s used small or large, viewed up close or from afar, your logo should be clear and visible at all times. A great design is easy to use and flexible enough to suit any medium, whether print or digital.

You may also want to consider incorporating different elements and variations of your logo and branding for different applications, such as a wordmark or icon.

Our talented designers can work with you to create a logo that perfectly represents your brand. Whether you come to us with a rough idea or a clear vision, we can bring it to life. Learn more and see examples of our logo design work.

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