10 ways to elevate your branding and marketing efforts

With thousands of brands competing for a space in today’s marketplace, it’s more important than ever to come up with unique ways to capture attention. Whether it’s by hosting an event for customers, a pop-up shop, or by creating an enticing storefront with eye-catching signage, making a strong impression with your branding counts. 

Here are 10 fun and creative ideas to elevate your branding and marketing efforts:

1. Extend the reach of your storefront 

Adding an extra element to your storefront that extends beyond the standard window display can increase attention and foot traffic from potential customers. This simple floor graphic is an eye-catching and simple way to build excitement for PRIDE, and can easily be removed and updated for new events and themes. 

(Image via https://bit.ly/2O6BUlw)

2. Play with proportion 

Make sure your message is heard with oversized and large format print! These large block letters are the perfect centre piece for a presentation or special event, and also provide an awesome photo backdrop. 

(Image via https://bit.ly/2uDLMuW)

3. Add an unexpected element to your Point of Purchase display

Point of Purchase (POP) displays are a great way to distinguish your brand from similar products on store shelves. Make an even bigger impression with an unexpected element, like this giant chocolate bar. 

(Image via: https://bit.ly/2uLRRoi)

4. Get creative with your advertising space

Why stick to the standard poster or billboard when there are tons of other interesting spaces to explore? We love the creative use of this luggage carousel, which was transformed into a roulette table by a nearby casino. 

(Image via https://bit.ly/2O35Squ)

5. Step up your interior graphics 

Graphics aren’t just limited to walls anymore! Enhance your business’ space by adding graphics to floors, walls, displays, stairs and more. The end result is a memorable branded environment your customers can get lost in. 

(Image via https://bit.ly/2zTdU2d)

6. Host a branded pop-up shop experience

A pop-up shop is a temporary storefront operated by a brand that can be used to test potential retail locations, launch new products, or to create buzz. Due to their temporary nature, pop-ups are an awesome opportunity to be creative and innovative when it comes to design, like the giant shoe box pictured here. 

(Image via https://bit.ly/2Ntk2Ab)

7. Think bigger picture

Brands often consider how their advertisements will look up close, but underestimate the power of a larger scale design. This print makes use of an entire staircase to create a humorous and eye-catching ad that can be seen from afar. 

(Image via https://bit.ly/2uCqCx5)

8. Add a three dimensional element to your display

Adding a three dimensional element to your storefront display is an effective way to capture attention from people passing by. The paper flowers created for this window draw the eye towards the store and spark curiosity.

(Image via https://bit.ly/2zWQZTI)

9. Turn the every day into the extraordinary

Turning ordinary spaces like public transit into an interactive experience is a great way to connect with potential customers. Adhesive vinyl transforms this subway car into a sunny soccer pitch that definitely makes for a memorable commute. 

(Image via https://bit.ly/2JFMHzz)

10. Add a clever twist 

Making people stop and think will get them to take a few extra moments to consider your brand and make a connection. This playful staircase design uses adhesive vinyl to turn each step into a giant book spine. 

(Image via https://bit.ly/2uCCkb4)

Ready to take your branding and marketing efforts to the next level? Contact your closest TPH location to bring any of these creative ideas to life! 

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