Combining the power of print & digital to drive marketing success

It’s no secret that digital marketing is the way of the future, with social media, email and other digital platforms taking centre stage in the marketplace. However, that doesn’t mean that print can’t still play an important role in your marketing strategy!

With consumers interacting with a multitude of mediums every day, a successful marketing campaign requires finding the perfect balance between print and digital. The average consumer is exposed to over 10,000 brand messages per day. What are you doing to make sure your message stands out? Omni-channel marketing campaigns are smart, and are a more efficient way to bank on getting a good ROI. 

Here’s a breakdown of how we combined the power of print and digital for a recent campaign:

The Project: Seeds for Bees

Engaging with Email

Each quarter, we send an email to our customers letting them know what we have coming up in the following months, and any exciting company news we have to share. As an added incentive to engage with us, we usually include a special giveaway or contest.

Since sustainability and green initiatives are at the core of our business, we decided to incorporate a giveaway with an environmental twist last quarter. Customers were invited to fill out a form on a landing page to receive a complimentary package of bee-friendly wildflower seeds to help support vital pollinators including honey bees.

Why it Worked

For communications to a larger audience, email marketing is definitely the more affordable route vs. print. This allowed us to reach our customer base as a whole to deliver our key messages, while also allowing us to determine which customers were most engaged with the environmental content and this particular giveaway.

The advantage to form submissions is tracking, which makes it easier to gauge the effectiveness of the campaign. 541 customers were interested in receiving the seeds – a definite win in our eyes.

Making it Personal with Print

Phase two of the campaign involved sending the physical package of wildflower seeds out to the customers that signed up. Our design team created custom packaging incorporating metallic ink and dieless cutting, printed on environmentally friendly paper.

An eye-catching folded mail piece was also created to accompany the package, with a letter highlighting the importance of the seeds and explaining how the piece was made. To bring the campaign full circle back to digital, recipients were encouraged to share their seeds on social media using the hashtag #KeepTheBees.

Why it Worked

Would you guess that 7/10 millennials say they love getting mail? It’s true! In such a digitally focused age, the tangible and analogue have increased in value. Adding personalization to your direct mail campaign through variable printing is another way to increase engagement.

This specific piece also allowed us to showcase our capabilities to customers in a unique way. While custom seed packaging might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of print, this project allowed us to help customers think beyond the traditional.

Combining Print and Digital for the Magic Moment

Ideally, good content should connect with your target customer over the course of a campaign. Timing is everything: map out your customer journey to make sure that your content makes sense each step of the way. People are searching for authentic experiences with companies – brand-savvy customers are likely to ignore a single paid banner ad. But when your company puts in the effort to engage with a customer in different way, it stands out, and is more likely to create that magic moment!

Need to chat about an idea you have for an upcoming campaign? Contact your closest TPH location and we’d be happy to help. 

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