Easy ways you can save the bees!

With spring just around the corner, we thought it was the perfect time to share some updates about our hive hosting initiative with Toronto Bee Rescue. We’ve added two new hives to our roof this year, for a total of eight. Our bees are healthy and getting ready to wake up from their winter hibernation!

As you may know, the world’s bees and other pollinators are in danger due to harmful pesticides and the loss of biodiversity. Urban beekeeping and hive hosting projects are just a few of the ways people are working to save the bees. Another way to help is to purchase local raw honey whenever possible – this helps communicate to beekeepers that sustainable, non-chemically treated bees and bee products are important to consumers.

A portion of the proceeds from Ontario Honey Creations supports the work of our partners, Toronto Bee Rescue. All of the products available are harvested from yards in the GTA, and are raw and unpasteurized. In addition to hive hosting, Toronto Bee Rescue provides free honeybee swarm removal services in the Greater Toronto Area and humane honeybee hive removals.

With the warmer weather quickly approaching, we rounded up a few tips for you to help the bees get a strong start to the season.

1. Plant native pollinator-friendly flowers and herbs in gardens and balcony containers. Varieties that bloom each season add colour and help the bees throughout spring, summer and fall. Some of the plant varieties that bees love:

  • Spring: Lavender, Hyacinth, Lilac, Crocus, Wisteria
  • Summer: Cosmos, Echinacea, Sunflowers, Oregano
  • Fall: Mint, Asters, Sedum, Goldenrod, Verbena

2. Don’t be afraid of weeds! Wildflowers, clover, and dandelion are actually great for bees and other pollinators.

3. Reduce or eliminate pesticide use – consider incorporating plants that attract beneficial insects for pest control as an awesome alternative!

Can’t get enough of the TPH honeybees? Check back to our blog for updates, or head over to our Facebook page to see more photos.

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2 thoughts on “Easy ways you can save the bees!

  1. It is terrific you guys are participating in this wonderful initiative! Thank you for the list of bee-friendly herbs and plants. I twill be planting a couple along with the milkweed for the butterflies!

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