How to boost productivity with office decor

Canadians are working more than ever, with two-thirds of us working more than 45 hours a week! With so much time spent in the office, the workplace has almost become a second home – and the layout and design of the space can drastically improve workplace happiness. Happy employees are more excited to tackle the workday, and as a result, can increase the productivity of your team. 

There are tons of ways to incorporate creative and inspiring interior design into your office with decor. Consider these great ideas for your next office makeover:

Chalkboard or Whiteboard Brainstorming Wall

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Repurposing one of your office walls as a brainstorming space is a great way to get creative ideas flowing and to bring the team together. Self-adhesive vinyl is available in both whiteboard and chalkboard varieties and is easy to apply and remove from many surfaces. When it’s time to work on a new project, it can easily be wiped clean. 

Acrylic and Canvas Wall Art

A beautiful space looks professional for both employees and customers who visit for client meetings. Your place of work doesn’t have to be strictly businesses – add a few personal touches or a focal point with acrylic and canvas wall art pieces. Many of our Branches feature these colourful Pantone walls created with acrylic. 

Custom Printed Wallcoverings

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With the affordable wallcovering options available on the market now, you’re no longer limited to boring, solid-colour paint jobs. Designs can be produced and installed quickly, meaning there’s hardly any downtime for the office – plus there are tons of low VOC, flame-resistant and eco-friendly options available to meet all of your building’s codes and requirements. 

Fun Floor Decals

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Floors are often overlooked when it comes to decor, but can provide a wonderful canvas for eye-catching graphics. Breathe life into your space with bold colours, or add useful wayfinding signage to help employees navigate their way through large offices. Floor decals are printed on self-adhesive vinyl and are applied using an easy peel-and stick method. They’re also removable, so you can switch up the design as often as you like. 

To get started on your own office makeover, contact your closest TPH Branch to discuss the decor solutions available to you. 

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