How custom décor can benefit your business

We’ve recently expanded our décor offering to include an extensive range of new products, including custom wall and window coverings, floor decals and more. With a brand new Digital Fabric Printing location at 37 Advance Road in Etobicoke, we now have the capacity and equipment to bring your vision to life for your corporate, retail and commercial spaces!

Creating a beautiful environment for your business can directly affect your success. Here are some of the ways custom décor can benefit your business:

Make a great first impression

Décor is all about making the right impression on your customer, clients or business partners. The design of your space is the first thing someone sees, even before your first interaction! How your store, restaurant or office is presented communicates to your customer the value you have to offer, and the service they can expect.

Market your business in an aesthetically pleasing way

Printed décor is a unique opportunity to market your business and to drive your branding home. Adding your logo to custom printed blinds within your office, or on the walls of your store is a professional way to ensure you stay top of mind.

Create a comfortable environment

Creating a clean, comfortable environment for your customers makes it easy for them to do business with you. An aesthetically pleasing, well-decorated space contributes to their perception of quality and trustworthiness. A modern, clean environment will communicate high value, while an old, outdated space may indicate otherwise.

Entice customers to visit your storefront

If you are a storefront or restaurant owner, your appearance is often the determining factor for attracting foot traffic from potential customers. Using custom décor to create a unique and eye-catching space can help draw customers in, giving you the opportunity to make a sale.

Complement your interior design

Selecting the right colour or pattern for your window coverings, wallpaper, or the artwork that brings your space together is an important step in your interior decorating plan. Custom printing allows you the full spectrum of colour, pattern and graphics, and also allows you to completely personalize your space to fit your creative vision.

Interested in customizing your own space? Contact your local TPH Branch and our team will help turn your vision into a reality with personalized solutions that are customized to your needs.

If you missed our last post, our Director of Branch Development recently printed custom décor pieces for her new home. Check it out to see our décor solutions in action!

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