Adding a personal touch with custom décor printing

Custom printed wall murals

Our Director of Branch Development, Kim Hennick, and her partner Mary Sist were recently featured in the Toronto Star for their new modular home in Etobicoke, ON. Their three bedroom “lego home” was put together in only eight hours, constructed from six custom, modular pieces. To complement the new build, the couple enlisted the help of TPH to personalize their home with custom décor printing . From accent walls featuring their favourite destinations, to a 3D deer head mounted in their rec room, we were able to help them create a space that’s all their own. Keep reading to see photos of the transformation, and for a room by room recap of some of the pieces we printed! 

The Dining Room

Wall decal printing at TPH The Printing House

The focal point of the dining room is the feature wall, which showcases the streets of Rome, Italy. Printed on removable vinyl in a Natural Stucco texture, the scene takes Kim and Mary back to one of their favourite trips abroad. When they sit down at their dining room table, they almost feel like they’re dining at a little Italian café with a beautiful view!

Removable wall decals printed at TPH The Printing House

Removable wall murals printed at TPH The Printing House

The dividing wall at the entrance to the dining and living area also uses a removable vinyl printed in a Crushed Stone texture, which wraps around and features a brick pattern to add character to the space. The Subway sign was created using adhesive vinyl mounted to Dibond (an aluminum substrate) for a 3D effect that stands out. 

Digital decor printing for interiors at TPH The Printing House

Acrylic prints at TPH The Printing House

Atop the mantle, Kim and Mary’s 3D printed figurines add a quirky and personal touch to their home décor. The figurines were 3D printed at one of our Branches, after the pair visited our 3D scanning booth.Other printed touches include the custom fabricated vase of tulips that serves as a table centerpiece, custom cut vinyl cardinals on the walls, and a pretty canvas print of Stag’s Leap Vineyard in Napa Valley, California – another fond travel memory of Kim’s. When deciding on the décor for their home, Kim and Mary wanted to include pieces that would remind them of places they had a special connection to. One of the best things about a photograph is that it takes you back to a particular time and place!

The Bedroom

Custom printed blinds at TPH The Printing House

Custom decals at TPH The Printing House

Printing on acrylic at TPH The Printing House

From the entrance to the couples’ bedroom, a striking quote applied in red adhesive vinyl on the bathtub immediately draws the eye: “Always do your best. Be Impeccable with your word. Don’t make assumptions. Don’t take anything personally”. This is Kim’s personal mantra, taken from Don Miguel Ruiz’s The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom. The placement of the quote ensures that the message can always be seen, a reminder of her favourite words to live by. Hanging above the bed is printed canvas of Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland, another destination the pair have traveled to.

The Basement

Custom wall covering printing at TPH The Printing House

3D object printing at TPH The Printing House

Canvas prints at TPH The Printing House

The ultimate lounge and entertainment area! Who hasn’t dreamt of transforming their basement into their own private bar? Kim and Mary were able to turn that idea into reality with a removable vinyl scene of a cozy Irish Pub, the perfect backdrop for their pool table. Adorning the wall is a unique take on a rec room classic – a mounted deer head. A modern alternative to the stuffed variety, this stag is made of a sturdy corrugated cardboard that’s been custom cut and hand assembled to form a three dimensional statement piece that doubles as a great conversation starter. Hanging above the stairs that lead down to the basement is an homage to the couple’s love for Game of Thrones – a large canvas print of the Dark Hedges in Northern Island. 

The Deck

Custom wall covering outdoor printing  at TPH The Printing House

Outdoor large format printing at TPH The Printing House

Outside on the deck is the home’s pièce de résistance: a beautiful print of Lake Louise that accompanies the hot tub, setting a relaxing “après ski” scene. The photo was printed on a perforated mesh fabric, suitable for outdoor use and durable enough to last for a few years.

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