What is web to print?

what is web to print

If you’ve heard the term “web to print” but aren’t exactly sure what it means, you’re not alone! We’ve put together this handy FAQ to help you learn more about this service, as well as the web to print solutions that TPH can offer your company.

What is web to print?

Web to print is a broad term that can describe a number of ways consumers (individuals or businesses) can purchase their print from a supplier online. These solutions usually involve a user-friendly interface that allows users to easily manage print orders and stay organized.

What is web to print software and what options do you offer?

Web to print software streamlines the print process by allowing you to order through an online portal. We offer a few different solutions to choose from, depending on your business’ needs:

  • TPH Direct is our simple file sender, for sending files through to your local Branch for production.
  • TPH Web to Print is our customized web to print solution, which is offered at four levels ranging from simple to more complex based on your requirements: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

How does web to print work?

TPH Web to Print is an online ordering library which is easily accessible through your web browser. This library can store all of your company’s branded files for easy ordering and reordering, and provides the ability to personalize documents (such as adding an employee name and contact information to a business card. This is a great solution for corporate offices or franchises that frequently need to print or reorder similar items and want to control branding from a centralized and secure source.

For a more detailed explanation of the TPH Web to Print process, view the video below:

Why use web to print services?

Web to print services allow you to order what you need, when you need it. Instead of ordering excess quantities and having inventory sit for months, you can order materials as they’re needed. Having your branded files stored online cuts down print proofing and ordering time, which saves your business both time and money.

What does web to print mean for your business?

If brand integrity and consistency is important to you, TPH Web to Print is an ideal solution. Web to print services mean more control over your materials and branding, as it provides a centralized library for all of your files and orders. Update your templates as needed and ensure your employees and customers are ordering the most up-to-date collateral.

To learn more about how TPH Web to Print can help you streamline your print process, or to request a live demo with someone from our team, visit: www.tph.ca/webtoprint

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