TMX launches brand campaign with a custom built rocket ship

Traditional marketing materials like signage and stationery aren’t the only way to launch a campaign with today’s technology at your disposal. When TMX approached us with a unique idea for unveiling their new “The Future is Yours to See” brand campaign, we were excited to help them bring their vision to life!

The campaign is “designed to celebrate progress and breakthrough achievement in today’s continuously-evolving business landscape and to highlight the important role TMX plays in connecting visionary clients to a limitless world of opportunity.” A video was created for the campaign to illustrate the advancements that are being made today in technology, from delivery via drones, to space travel and robotics.

TMX wanted to do a play on the idea of the “launch” by building a rocket ship to kick of the campaign. This also tied in well with the campaign’s video, which touched on themes of space. After meeting with Boris from our Branch at 121 King St W to determine the logistics, a plan was developed to produce a custom-fabricated, 6-foot tall rocket. Four rockets were created – one for each of TMX’s offices located in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver.

Rocket science? Not quite!

The rockets were built using a combination of traditional and 3D printing processes, similarly to this polar bear display we created earlier this year. The first step was to develop the artwork for the design, which was created using 3D design software. From this, a prototype could be built and approved by the team at TMX before final production.

To make the rockets more manageable for shipping, they were built in three pieces. This included two pieces made of heavy cardstock that could be fit together to form the body, as well as the fins that formed the base of the rocket, made of ½” thick gator board. To add the TMX logo and the campaign’s name to the piece, custom-cut adhesive vinyl was applied.

The challenge with this project was determining how to ship the rockets safely to their respective locations across the country. While the shipments to Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver all arrived without a hitch, Montreal’s rocket posed a bit more of a challenge. However with perseverance and problem solving, our team was able to get it to the Montreal office in time for the unveiling.

The Big Reveal

Each of TMX’s locations held an event to launch the campaign, using the rocket ships as the centre piece to the unveiling. The company’s teams across the country were excited to see the final product, and encouraged to leave their mark by signing the rocket in metallic marker. This was a great was to celebrate the occasion, as well as the people who made the launch possible.

From concept to completion, the timeline for this project was only a week and a half in total. If you’re looking to showcase your brand in an interesting way or have a unique idea you’d like to explore, speak with your local TPH Manager about our outside-the-box solutions!


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