Planting Trees with Forest Farmer

Back in October, we had the chance to once again try our hand at tree planting with our friends at Forest Farmer (formerly The Carbon Farmer). As part of our commitment to sustainability, we’ve partnered with them over the past two years to plant a tree for every new account opened with TPH, helping to support Canadian forest restoration. For each tree planted in our virtual forest, there’s a real-life equivalent planted in a Canadian forest!

The planting site for this project was located at the beautiful Smith Ness Conservation Area in Niagara. Like all of Forest Farmer’s projects, the site is 100% conserved, so the trees are protected from clearing. The planting area was approximately 4.1 acres, or the size of about 10 NHL hockey rinks!

Planting took place over two days, with nine of our Head Office team members heading out to help out on the second day. Upon our arrival, our team was met by Brad from Forest Farmer who gave us a step-by-step tutorial on how to plant the saplings to ensure the roots stayed intact and protected to ensure their growth.

Despite our “rookie” abilities (a playful term given to first-time tree planters), we were able to contribute to the 3,568 trees that were planted for this project by Forest Farmer. Of course, the bulk of the planting was done by the hired professionals, who are capable of planting thousands of saplings a day!

All of the tree species planted are native, with locally sourced seed and chosen based on the recommendation of an ecologist. The goal for all of Forest Farmer’s projects is to restore or re-naturalize historically cleared forests to recreate the ecosystem that once existed there.

The trees species planted included:

  • Red Osier Dogwood
  • Sugar Maple
  • Ironwood
  • Grey Dogwood
  • Musclewood

In the future, Forest Farmer plans to also add Basswood, American Beech, and Autumn Willow varieties to the Smith Ness Conservation Area, contributing to the ultimate goal of planting at least 100,000 trees in the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA) before 2020.

We had an amazing time getting to know more about the area, as well as getting our hands dirty and making a real difference for the planet! While we won’t get to see immediate results, our team definitely felt a sense of pride knowing that a beautiful forest will grow and thrive from our few hours of hard work. If you’re interested in getting involved, check out Forest Farmer for more information.

To see all of the photos from our tree planting experience, head to our Facebook Page.

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