7 marketing tips for busy small business owners

Running a business is no easy task. There’s no shortage of things to do, and coming up with a strategy to market your small business can be a time consuming process. Not to worry – if you feel short on time or ideas, check out these small business marketing tips.

1. Have an amazing business card.

Your business card is often the first point of contact a person has with your business. You’ll want to invest in creating a great business card if you want to leave a strong impression. The design should do a good job of representing your business, have the appropriate contact information, and be creative to help you stand out. You’ll also want to work with a printing partner that understands your branding and the importance of incorporating the right design elements. Check out these examples to help get yourself inspired.

2. Expand beyond your website.

Think bigger than just having a website. Get on social media and use it (no one likes to see a neglected Twitter page) – create a Facebook business page, a Twitter and Instagram account, a YouTube channel, and write a blog related to your industry to share tips and news about your business. All of these things help to bring in more leads to your website. They also provide customers with more ways to get in touch with you. Seeing you present on different social platforms also gives you more credibility as a business. Don’t forget to post lots of photos and visual content!

3. Do giveaways through business card draws.

This isn’t a new tactic, but it’s a great way to collect contact information to use for marketing purposes. Plus, people love free things! Give your customers the opportunity to win something great and chances are they’ll return. If you’re a spa, you could do a monthly draw for a free manicure. A restaurant could do a draw for dinner for two. Choose a prize that makes sense for your business.

4. Publish articles in local publications and trade magazines.

You’re an expert in your subject, so why not share your knowledge with your community? Getting published in a local newspaper or trade magazine can help boost your validity in your given field. People will be more likely to trust you if you establish yourself as an expert.

5. Send a weekly or monthly email newsletter.

Keeping your relationship with your customers strong is important. You can easily keep them updated on company news, sales or promotions by sending out an email newsletter to stay in the loop. Services such as MailChimp make it easy to send and manage your emails. Set your timelines so that you’re contacting them at appropriate intervals – it could be weekly, monthly, or even quarterly. It also helps to prepare a schedule ahead of time so you can hold yourself accountable.

We send out our own newsletter, “What’s New”, on a monthly basis to deliver interesting blog content to customers, share exciting news, and hold monthly giveaways. You can subscribe to our newsletter here. 

6. Give public speaking a try.

There are loads of different events going on in your community. Getting involved in them can help you create more connections and establish yourself as an expert in your field!

What are you an expert in? Find a group that can benefit from hearing from you or speak at a local event featuring other small business owners. There are many independently organized events happening that are great for meeting people and inspiring new ideas, even if you choose only to attend rather than speak at them.

7. Use car magnets and vehicle decals.

Adding a car magnet or decal to your company vehicle is an easy and effective way to get some exposure. Put your website on the rear bumper so the person who’s stuck behind it in traffic can read and remember it! Having your logo in a highly visible area will let people know about your business, and will also help your vehicle look more reputable and official, especially if it’s used for deliveries. 

Need help creating materials for your small business? We’d love to brainstorm some fresh ideas with you! Contact your closest TPH Branch today to get started. 


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