Add value to your small business with print!

If you’re the owner of a small or medium business in Canada (employing under 500 individuals), you’re not alone – small and medium businesses account for 99.7% of businesses in the country! We love the personal relationship small businesses create with their customers, not to mention the entrepreneurial spirit, innovation, and fresh ideas they bring to the table.

With that said, competition to capture attention in the marketplace can be fierce, and standing out to customers is important in ensuring the success of your business. Creating the right marketing materials to support your efforts can be a key component of your strategy to get noticed. We’ve rounded up some of the essential print products you should consider for your business:


Signage is often the first thing your customers see when approaching your place of business. Whether it’s vinyl lettering on your windows, flags, banners or A-frames, signage can communicate things as simple as your business name, or as complex as wayfinding and current promotions. By utilizing different types of signage, you can ensure that your brand stays strong, useful, and relevant in a competitive marketplace.


Your company’s stationery can include products such as business cards and letterhead to envelopes and notepads. Adding a branded element to these everyday items helps to project a professional image, and will make your customers feel confident to do business with you. Elevating these products with finishing services such as embossing or foil can also add a luxurious touch that will add value to your brand.

Stickers & Labels

Stickers and labels are an awesome way to spread brand awareness and keep your company top of mind. They’re a fun and unique way to connect with customers, whether used as a value-added packaging insert, or as a promotional tool for marketing campaigns and giveaways. Labels are also an important consideration for custom product packaging and more.


If you operate a customer facing storefront, décor will be another crucial factor to consider. The environment you build for your space will affect how your customers will perceive your brand, and the type of experience they have. Printed décor elements can include wall coverings and murals, floor decals, and framed canvas art.  

Promotional Items

Get the word out and communicate your latest promotions, events, new products and more with postcards, brochures and other promotional items. Educating your customers about what you have to offer is a great way to drive business. It’s also possible to add your branding to unique substrates and objects such as pens, USB keys, and water bottles!


Another way to deliver your message to customers and attract business is to use a direct mail campaign. Direct mail targets a specific group of people, whether based on location, demographics, or other defining factors. Having a tangible printed piece sent to customers is much more likely to connect and be remembered, especially in the digital age.

Feeling inspired to create or update materials for your own small business? We can help with any of the products we’ve mentioned above, and much more! Contact your closest TPH Branch today to discuss your ideas.

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