Canada 150 Road Trip – Stop 4: GTA (Toronto)

The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is the fourth stop on our Canada 150 Road Trip! We’re featuring a different Canadian region each month of the campaign, giving our customers the chance to win a $250 Flight Centre gift card in each destination. Learn more about the contest and see our road trip schedule.

TPH Branch 29 in Toronto’s trendy Yorkville neighbourhood is the second featured location for our GTA trip stop! Read more about their fantastic staff, recommendations for exploring the area, and what they love about Canada.

The largest city in Canada, Toronto is home to a wonderfully diverse population that is rich in culture. The city is a hub for unique and exciting food, art and entertainment thanks to a great mix of ethnicities and background. Stop by and visit for stunning skyline views, delicious food and unique shopping from local vendors.

Branch Number: 29

How long has your branch been serving the Yorkville community?

Branch 29 has been serving the Yorkville area for 20+ years.

What makes the team special at your branch?

Our team is an art-savvy team, whether it is graphic design, fine art, or music. This is helpful at work because we find reward in some of the more creative types of jobs. It also gives us plenty to talk to each other about and helps us get along.

What do you love most about Yorkville? 

We love the energy of this location. It is a very busy area with people from everywhere, working or enjoying the various amenities and shopping outlets. We are also close by to many prominent hotels that hold events for TIFF, and there is always a chance to bump into a celebrity.

If I had one day in Yorkville, what should I see and do?

Have lunch on a Yorkville patio and people-watch, do some shopping or see a movie and the Varsity Cinema.

How does Canada inspire you?

For us, Canada feels like the nice place to be compared to anywhere else, and we are especially proud considering some things that are happening in other places in the world. The fact that Canada is a welcoming country is most inspiring.

How does working for a Canadian company inspire you?

It feels good to know we work for a Canadian company and that we’re helping the local economy.


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