CANADA 150 ROAD TRIP – STOP 4: GTA (Markham)

The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is the fourth stop on our Canada 150 Road Trip! We’re featuring a different Canadian region each month of the campaign, giving our customers the chance to win a $250 Flight Centre gift card in each destination. Learn more about the contest and see our road trip schedule.

TPH Branch 75 in Markham is the first featured location for our GTA trip stop! Read more about their fantastic staff, recommendations for exploring the area, and what they love about Canada.

Markham is a municipality of over 350,000 residents and a diverse community with a rich heritage. Whether you’re looking for delicious dim sum or want to spend a day exploring the quaint Unionville area, Markham is a multicultural destination with a variety of shops, restaurants, and sites to see.

Branch Number: 75

How long has your branch been serving the Markham community?

Branch 75 has been serving the Markham community since September 2005.

What makes the team special at your branch?

We have a great team here that works well together, respects one another and strives to be our very best every day.  We take great pride in the work we do and the awards we have achieved. The key word for us is caring; we care about each other, we care about the work we do and how that contributes to the reputation of the TPH brand. Most importantly, we care about our clients as our ability to go above and beyond for them contributes to their success as well.


What do you love most about Markham? 

We love that Markham has that country-like feeling, but at the same time is still fairly close to the city centre in downtown Toronto. It is an eclectic mix of both modern and historic, seen in the growing, contemporary Downtown Markham area and heritage spaces like Main Street Unionville. Markham is a thriving city with a variety of cultures and food/restaurant choices.  Markham is also very clean with smooth roads which makes it a pleasure to live and work here.

If I had one day in Markham, what should I see and do?

Main Street Unionville:

  • Heritage sight, filled with little shops, great restaurants, and many festivals

Pan Am Game Facilities (Swimming pool, Angus Glen golf course):

  • Built for the 2015 Pan Am Games held in Toronto
  • Has an Olympic sized swimming pool, world class facilities for a variety of sports

Pacific Mall:

  • An Asian shopping mall with many little shops, selling different things such as clothing, phone accessories, car accessories, food, and skin care products

Markham Museum:

  • A museum dedicated to the preservation of old buildings and artifacts from Markham’s past

Downtown Markham:

  • A growing and developing area with many attractions such as cinema theatres, shopping centres, restaurants and condos

Cathedral of the Transfiguration:

  • Byzantine revival Church built in 1984 that was reopened in Dec 2016

How does Canada inspire you?

  • You can experience all types of different cultures in one place – cultural mosaic
  • Land of opportunity – a chance for a better life/better opportunity for families from all over the world
  • Inspires you to travel – to see all the different parts of Canada (environments, cultures)

Canada inspires us because it is a land of opportunity. We are all the first or second generation of immigrants whose families came to Canada for a better life. We believe that Canada has a beautiful natural landscape and is a safe place to raise a family. It is a country with all types of different cultures and backgrounds, which makes Canada a unique place to live in. It is amazing to see everyone accepting and welcoming of all kinds of people. We are more understanding of each other’s backgrounds, perspectives, and ways of life because we are surrounded by them every day. With a country as large as Canada is, it also inspires us to want to travel to the different provinces to experience what we have to offer coast to coast.

How does working for a Canadian company inspire you?

  • Instills a sense of pride – TPH is a home grown, family business that has grown to 70 locations
  • Shares Canadian values – such as being environmentally friendly and giving back to our communities
  • Company based in Canada has been successful against competition from larger US companies and has stood the test of time for 56 years strong

We believe working for a Canadian company instills a great sense of pride. It is rewarding to work at a company that shares in deeply rooted Canadian values such as operating with as minimal environmental impact as possible. Canada has so much to offer as a nation and working for a home grown company shows everyone else what we, Canadians, are capable of. With such a long history, TPH has a good sense of what appeals to the Canadian marketplace, and has been able to adapt and change with the times. We help local Canadian businesses reach their business goals and give back to the communities that we do work in and when you add it all up, we’re proud to be working for The Printing House.


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