Canada 150 Road Trip – Stop 3: Rural Ontario (Burlington)

Rural Ontario is the third stop on our Canada 150 Road Trip! We’re featuring a different Canadian region each month of the campaign, giving our customers the chance to win a $250 Flight Centre gift card in each destination. Learn more about the contest and see our road trip schedule.

TPH Branch 24 in Burlington is the third featured location for our Rural Ontario trip stop! Read more about their fantastic staff, recommendations for exploring the area, and what they love about Canada.

Burlington is nestled between the Niagara Escarpment and the northwest shore of Lake Ontario, making it a beautiful destination with a booming waterfront! The city is proud to be green, with more than 581 hectares of parkland and several conservation areas. From a thriving arts scene to an abundance of fairs and events happening year round, Burlington has something for everyone.

The team at Branch 24 in Burlington, Ontario

Branch Number: 24

How long has your branch been serving the Burlington community?

Almost 40 years!

What makes the team special at your branch?

We are multi-generational. Our staff is made up of 40 year, 20 year, 10 year employees. Some have just started a year ago. It’s a great spectrum of experience and knowledge.

What do you love most about Burlington? 

It’s a large growing community that still maintains a small town vibe. You feel at home here. It’s also considered to be the best place to live in Ontario on the 2017 MoneySense list of 190 cities.

If I had one day in Burlington, what should I see and do? 

Visit the Royal Botanical Gardens!

How does Canada inspire you?

The multiculturalism and acceptance of all different types of backgrounds, faith, culture! And the equal opportunity for all!

How does working for a Canadian company inspire you?

Working for a Canadian company is inspiring because you know the work that you are doing is supporting your community and your country. In turn that company is supporting you. It’s a great symbiotic relationship.


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