Get inspired to print on unique substrates

Print on different materials: plastic, sintra, fabric, wood, leather, foamboard and more

When you think of printing, it’s likely that one of the first things that comes to mind is paper. The reality is, there are so many more options that you can print on other than paper available to you! If you want to make an even bigger impression on your customers, it’s time to get unconventional. Help your marketing materials stand out by making them as unique as your business!

Remember that you’re never limited to just paper when it comes to printing. Print on acrylic , vinyl, wood, fabric, PVC, canvas, cardboard, foamboard, leather, rubber and more. The medium is the message when it comes to your branding efforts – how you communicate with your customers is just as important as what you’re saying. Check out these ideas to help you get inspired!


Print on plastic including acrylic, PVC and more

Plastic comes in a number of variations, including acrylic, PVC and more! Step up your business card design by printing on PVC cards, or create a luxurious, high-end invitation to your next event on clear acrylic(Image source:

Printing on Sintra

Print on sitra

Sintra is an extremely durable and waterproof substrate, which is typically used to create exterior signage materials, such as lawn signs. Similar to foamcore signage, sintra signs can withstand the elements and provide a sturdy backdrop to deliver your message. These qualities also make sintra and awesome material to use for creative applications such as coasters, or this adorable centre piece!


Print on fabric

Among the signage material options on the market, fabric is a unique substrate that’s perfect for achieving a high-end look that’s also easy to transport and maintain. Choose from large format printing materials such as banner stands and fabric flag printing to out of the box applications like window treatments and upholstery.

Faux Leather

Print on leather

Faux leather is a particularly unique material you can print on. While embossing, branding, and even foil may come to mind when you think of adding a design to leather, today’s technology allows for full colour CMYK printing, and printing with white and clear ink(Image source:


Print on wood

We love the look of print on wood! The natural texture adds a rustic element to your project, perfect for menus, business cards and more. Think about how the substrate you select to deliver your message can be used to enhance and complement your design. (Image source:

Feeling inspired to explore unique substrates with your own print project? Contact your local TPH Solutions Manager! We can help find the perfect solution to help bring your ideas to life.



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