Fabric Wall Feature: Laughter is the Best Medicine

Fabric Wall

On Saturday, May 13th, over 1,500 of Toronto’s corporate and philanthropic leaders gathered at Beanfield Centre for Michael Garron Hospital Foundation’s third annual Laughter is the Best Medicine fundraiser. Headlining the event was comedic superstar Jim Gaffigan, along with special guest Kevin Nealon and Will Arnett as host. 

TPH was proud to return as the Print and Signage Partner for this high-profile gala! The event raised over $7.3 million dollars to support the Michael Garron Hospital Foundation. The hospital’s renewal will ensure the best care for the east Toronto community. 

While we worked with the hospital to create many different print materials to support the event, the fabric walls we created were the true stand out! The walls were used as media backdrops for the perfect photo op, as well as a backdrop for the main stage. 

Why choose fabric for your next project?

Signage and other large format pieces play an important role at any high attendance event. While often overlooked, they can really help set the tone for the occasion.This provides much needed visual interest, while also delivering essential information. 

Fabric is a great choice for higher end functions, as it has a luxurious finish that looks great on camera! It also absorbs flash, as opposed to traditional vinyl backdrops or film banner stands that can reflect and cause glare. Fabric can be easily transported and set up, and is resistant to cracking and tearing. For a completely seamless look, it can also be ironed for a pristine finish.

See below for photos from the event and pieces printed by TPH!

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