6 reasons you should be using fabric signage

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Fabric signage is a great way to help your brand stand out! With a huge selection of products available for both indoor and outdoor use, fabric can jazz up your storefront, attract customers to your tradeshow booth, or can be used to advertise your business in a creative way.

Here are 6 reasons you should be using fabric signage:

It can be easily transported

One of the most convenient features of fabric signage is that it can be folded into smaller, more manageable sizes and is relatively lightweight. This makes shipping both more affordable and more efficient!

Looks luxurious

Trying to achieve a higher end look with your brand? Fabric signage communicates luxurious quality to your customers with sharp image quality and unique texture!

It’s durable

Fabric is flexible, meaning it can bend or fold without cracking or tearing. This makes it more durable than traditional print materials, and the perfect option for products you’d like to use repeatedly such as event signage.

It’s machine washable & can be ironed

Fade-and-wash resistant fabric is available, and great for outdoor applications! Fabric can also be ironed to lay flat and look pristine after shipping.

Easy to install

Fabric is easy to handle and super user friendly, making it easy to install! Set up your tradeshow display hassle free, or change up your storefront signage for new promotions without hesitation.

Print large with fabric too!

Large format signage isn’t limited to traditional materials! State of the art technology makes it possible to print up to 10’10” wide. Think outside the box with fabric walls, step and repeats and more.

We’ve recently expanded our fabric signage capabilities! Whether you need banner stands, flags, LED light boxes or more, we have a huge selection of solutions to choose from. Contact your closest TPH branch to get chatting about your next great fabric signage idea!

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