3D Cake Topper Partner Feature: 3B Photography

3B Photography (Brian Batista Bettencourt) is a Toronto-based documentary photographer who specializes in short-form and long-form documentary assignments. TPH recently partnered with Brian for our 3D Cake Topper Program. Coupled with his beautiful and unique style of wedding photography, a 3D printed cake topper is an unexpected way to add a personalized touch to your special day!

We captured Brian and his partner Ryanne for their own 3D printed figurine, which they’ve been featuring along with their work at Canadian wedding shows this year. We took some time to sit down with Brian to learn more about the inspiration and creative vision behind his brand.

What type of photography do you specialize in?

Most of my short-form clients include wedding clients, who want a non-traditional documentary approach to re-tell the story of their wedding day. Although I photograph weddings with my girlfriend Ryanne Hollies, who is also my website & album designer (www.ryannehollies.com), I also produce commercial and editorial documentary photography. 

What got you into wedding photography?

Recently my clientele for weddings has grown (and continues to do so) and I’ve been very grateful for those opportunities. Weddings are the ultimate documentary assignment. They cover a wide spectrum of emotion, and have great photographic potential in terms of candid/action shots and meaningful portraiture. But ultimately, weddings allow me to immerse myself, if only temporary, into one of the most intimate and private moments of people’s lives. Through my own personal experiences at those very moments I can create something powerful that will long outlive me or the people within the photograph. It’s really something special and without a doubt the object of most photographers.

How have you and Ryanne found a balance working together?

Being able to have Ryanne to collaborate with before, during and after weddings has created an amazing (and easy) process for us. We find that working as a pair in the world of weddings bridges most gaps with the people we work with. This helps us gain a great level of trust and understanding with the people we photograph. We have very similar aesthetics but ultimately we have been shaped by different life experiences. This allows us to uniquely see the world through our own lens. It’s sort of a happy accident that our works meshes so well together!

How can clients get in touch?

This year 3B Photography was represented at the 2017 Wedding Co. Market at Wychood Barns. I will be returning as a vendor at the 2018 Wedding Co. Market next February.

I will also be hosting several workshops over the course of the spring, summer and fall.

The workshops focus on:

  • Creating and maintaining a freelance business (and what tools allowed me to set the path, including relationships with Printing Labs)
  • Technical elements of photography in order to achieve specific results
  • Film photography for weddings and documentary assignments
  • How to extract the most out of your given subject (whether it be a couple, an individual, an object or space, or even within the realm of self-portraiture)

If anyone is interested or needs more information they can email me directly at info@3bphoto.ca

Stay tuned for more information about upcoming shows where 3B Photography will be showcasing their work and 3D cake topper. If you’re interested in creating your own cake topper, contact our 3D branch today! 

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