Six things you never knew you could do with mail

An effective mail campaign has the power to capture the attention of your customers and deliver meaningful messages to them. In the age of emails, digital advertising, and inbox overload, a tangible mail piece can reach much further to create a deeper connection with your audience. There are a number of ways to help your campaign stand out, from using unique shapes to printing eye catching graphics on your envelopes.

Check out six things you never knew you could do with your mail below:

Full bleed printing on envelopes

As the first point of contact with your customer, the envelope is an opportunity to instantly capture attention. If designed well, it should entice your customer to open the piece to learn more. It’s possible to add full bleed printing to three sides, meaning you can add eye catching imagery to your envelopes to really stand out.

Custom cut mailers

Mail doesn’t have to come in the form of a rectangle – custom cutting allows you to select a unique shape for your mail piece to capture attention and drive your message home. Select a shape that ties in to your campaign and stand out from the pile of standard mail.  

Short runs

With short run printing, you’re not limited by minimum quantities and can put less investment into overall runs. This means that you can keep your marketing materials current and target the exact amount of customers you require for your campaign. Update your content to match your strategy as often as you like!

Variable images and variable text

Personalized marketing allows you to create deeper connections with your customers by presenting information that’s the most relevant to them. Variable data allows you to more closely target your piece to your audience, by tailoring images or text to suit different demographics and individual interests/tastes.

Self-addressed mailers

A self-addressed mail piece involves having the postage and customer address on the actual printed piece, instead of on an envelope. This is a great way to instantly grab attention, as it allows your work to be showcased immediately, instead of hidden within the envelope.

White and clear ink

Premium finishes such as white and clear ink communicate higher quality with your customers. We can print white and clear using digital technology, making it an easy and affordable way to enhance your mail piece for a high end look.

Work with us on your next mail campaign! As a licensed Canada Post Smartmail Marketing Partner, we have the expertise to ensure all of the specifics of your piece match up to Canada Post standards, and can help ensure your campaign is executed flawlessly. Contact your closest TPH branch today to discuss your ideas!


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