16 gorgeous designs using foiling

foil printing business cards & invitations

Looking for a way to make your design really unique? There are a variety of finishing options available to help complete your piece, but one of our favourites is the look of foil on a beautiful print marketing piece.

We’ve collected some of the best examples of designs that use foil to stand out. Check out these business cards, invitations, stationery items and packaging examples that incorporate foiling into their designs. Go on and get inspired!

Gold foil inline type business cards

foil printing business cards
The gold inline type truly makes these business cards unique. (via)

Gold foil + florals

gold foil printing
This pretty combination gives a fresh look to your print, perfect for spring wedding invitations, save the dates, or party invites. (via)

Monochromatic colour scheme

foil letter printing
The monochromatic colour scheme of these businesses cards uses a blue-green foil on turquoise stock. (via)

Bold gold type book cover

foil printed title
The large, blocky style of text on this book cover makes extra impact when highlighted with foil. (via)

Simple, beautiful business cards

foil printed business cards
Adding foil to a simple graphic, logo, or typographic element on one side of your business card creates an elegant look. Copper foil adds beautiful shine to this piece.(via)

Holographic borders

foil printed graphic elements
The holographic foil border around these business cards adds an unexpected pop of colour. (via)

Stationery set with gold foil details

This striped stationery set uses gold foil on the logo for a chic, classy look. (via)

Gold foil design accents

The gold foiling on these journals displays the difference between rich and poor and the lack of balance when it comes to global wealth. (via)

Eyecatching foil invitations

foil printing invitations
Make your invitations stand out with foil details, like these elegant invites featuring bronze and gold foil. (via)

Foil details on packaging

foil printing packages
This packaging for the chocolatier Adoré uses different colours of foil for a premium look. (via)

Foil envelopes

foil printing envelopes
Add foil to your envelopes for a high end feel and an unexpected touch of elegance. (via)

Combination foil + emboss

foil printing and embossing
This stunning booklet cover combines two premium finishes – foil and embossing – to strike the perfect balance of shine and texture. (via)

Save the dates

The rose gold touches on this save the date card are on trend and modern. (via)

Background Patterns

We love the foil pattern on the back of these premium wine lists. This effect would look great on menus as well! (via)

Rainbow foil 

The rainbow foil on these business cards is absolutely stunning! Flowing text runs off the page creating a fluid design. (via)

Gold foil on kraft paper

Kraft paper and foil make for a great combination. We love the high end look of these paper bags! (via)

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