Share the Love with a 3D Printed Figurine!

3D Printed Figurine

Ever wondered what goes on in our 3D Scanning Studio? Zach, our 3D Selfie expert takes you behind the scenes to let you know what you can expect. What better way to show your love than posing for a figurine with your special someone? This month is a great time to book your appointment for a couple’s 3D Selfie. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Guest post written by Zachary Barr from TPH 3D

Capturing the perfect pose

One of the toughest challenges when rendering a 3D model for a printed figurine is capturing great images during the scanning process. Scanning your subjects is the very first step in the process when creating a 3D figurine. The quality of the scan in the 120 images taken is what determines the quality of the final model.

A number of factors contribute to a fantastic scan, but one of the primary considerations is the pose. This applies especially to scanning couples, because their interactions and stance towards each other tells a story.

When couples enter our scanning booth, they often have a pose in mind. I give them the creative freedom to do whatever makes them feel comfortable and happy! Once they’re in position, I make adjustments to ensure the pose is print ready. In the case of Ally and Dave (above), they wanted to show their passion for one another in a full-on lip lock. As heartwarming as this was, it unfortunately wouldn’t work well for a print. The obstacle to this pose was that their faces would not be clearly visible.

The couple had come in to create a 3D printed cake topper for their wedding cake. If they had gone with their original pose, their guests would not have been able to recognize them! Instead, we went for a straightforward mirror kiss. They were aligned  face to face, with their heads straight instead of tilted opposite ways.

3D Printed Figurine

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