Four reasons you should be using roll labels

Roll Labels

Looking for a way to help your products stand out from the competition? Roll labels are a convenient and customizable way to personalize your packaging or create branded materials for any industry! Available in gloss or matte lamination and waterproof options including clear or white polyester, roll labels are versatile and can be designed to fit whatever your company’s needs may be.

Advantages of digital roll label printing

Short Runs

Easily print on demand and get the exact quantity you’re looking for with short run printing! Our high quality digital printing technology allows us to provide you with flexibility when it comes to minimum quantities. Short run printing has many advantages, including: saving costs on excess materials that may go to waste, greener printing – ordering only what you need, when you need it, and the opportunity to update the content of your materials more frequently.

Roll Labels

Quick Turnaround

Since digital printing doesn’t require plates, there is less press setup time required than traditional offset printing. Not only does this mean your labels are printed faster, but it also has considerable cost savings!

We can also easily provide a proof of your label design – with no setup time, we can print your labels right away and allow for design flexibility and changes.

Custom Cutting & Customization

Adding a unique shape to your labels can help distinguish your brand from other competitors. State of the art equipment uses a drag knife to kiss cut your design onto rolls, making it easy to achieve custom shapes such as your company’s logo!

With a maximum width of 8.5 inches, our technology can accommodate a wide variety of label sizes to suit your needs. The size of your labels is closely related to pricing, so we can help determine the right design to match your budget.

Need assistance creating your cut files? Our branch specialists can help!

Roll Labels

Convenient Format

One of the advantages to roll labels is the convenient and easy to handle format. Instead of carrying individual sheets, your labels are kept tidy on a roll which can be easily transported, stored and managed. For larger companies and manufacturers, roll labels can be applied quickly to packages by way of a label applicator for maximum efficiency.

Have an idea for your next roll label project? Contact your closest TPH branch and our team can help!


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