TPH hive hosting update: Honey harvest!

Hive Hosting

If you’ve been following along with our social networks, you may be aware that TPH has partnered with Toronto Bee Rescue in a corporate hive hosting project. As part of TPH Health and Safety Committee’s mandate to champion sustainability initiatives, there are now six honeybee hives on the rooftop of TPH Head Office!

In return for hosting the hives, TPH receives a portion of the honey produced. Due to a late start to the season and a very hot, dry summer, enough honey was harvested from the TPH apiary this first year to allow Head Office staff the opportunity to purchase some delicious local honey.

Hive Hosting

A custom label was designed and printed for these little jars to add a TPH touch. All proceeds from the sale of the honey will go to TPH Charitable Office to support local charities. Next season, more people will be able to enjoy honey from the TPH rooftop hives.

Hive hosting has provided us an opportunity to support the environment and honey bees as important pollinators. The Printing House has implemented this unique and exciting initiative as part of the company’s ongoing commitment to environmental and social responsibility.

More about Toronto Bee Rescue

Hive Hosting

Toronto Bee Rescue is dedicated to the humane removal and relocation of established honeybee colonies within the Greater Toronto Area. Honeybee colonies from structures or errant swarms are collected and relocated to more suitable locations, where they are able to thrive as beneficial pollinators to the local environment.

Wild pollinators, especially bees and butterflies, are being threatened by a variety of factors. Urban beekeeping continues to gain popularity in cities around the world in response to the troubling news of worldwide drops in honeybee populations and honey yields.


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