Triple thick business cards: Stand out from the competition!

Triple Thick Business Cards

Searching for a unique way to stand out in the busy marketplace and to make a great impression on your customers? Triple thick business cards are a luxurious way to carry your contact information and quickly capture the attention of your audience.  

A thicker stock is often associated with luxury and higher quality. With a bold 40 pt thickness (three times the thickness of a standard business card!), our triple thick business cards are printed using one of the heaviest stock options we offer. Premium materials communicate that your business is both professional and trustworthy, and can leave a lasting impression with your clients.

To really take your business card to the next level, there are a number of finishing options you can add to your design:

Sandwich Cards


Add a hint of colour to your design with a sandwich card! This process sandwiches a layer of colour in the centre of your card for a clean, yet unique look.

Edge Painting


Get coloured edges on your business cards with vibrant edge painting! These cards look particularly striking when stacked – match the colour to your company branding or compliment your design.



Laminating is available in a number of different finishes including gloss, soft touch, satin and matte. In addition to the functionality of extra protection and durability, laminating can also add a memorable texture to your business cards.

Rounded Corners


Another great way to stand out amongst the crowd is by switching up the shape of your business card. A subtle, yet effective way to do this is by adding a simple rounded corner.

Spot Varnish


Looking for a way to call attention to certain elements of your design, such as a logo? Spot varnish adds an eye-catching shine to specific parts of your design.



For an extra touch of elegance, foiling can add a beautiful metallic effect to your cards. Available in a wide variety of colours, foil looks great on text and graphic elements and can create beautiful contrast!

Looking for something that still makes an impact, but isn’t quite as thick? We also offer double thick business cards for a professional edge. Thick card stock works wonderfully for other print products as well, such as event invitations and coasters. Contact your local TPH Manager to discuss your next thick card idea!


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