5 packaging insert ideas to wow your customers

Packaging insert

There’s something exciting about receiving a package in the mail or having something wrapped up for you at the store counter. Adding an extra touch to your packaging can enhance the experience even further, and creates increased brand awareness within your customer. Consider adding any or all of these items when packaging your products, and your customer will be delighted!

Promotion cards & discount offers

Packaging insert

Including a discount card with your package is a great touch point with the customer and can help to build brand loyalty. Offer a percentage off their next order, or a “refer a friend” promotion to spread the word about your business! Customers appreciate feeling rewarded for purchasing from your company and are more likely to stay loyal to your business when promotions are offered. (Image via)

Custom cut piece

Packaging insert

For a memorable add on, consider slipping in a custom cut piece to your package! Whether it’s a sticker, post cards, or other piece of marketing collateral, creating a unique shape is an eye catching way to engage your customers and will definitely help your company stand out from the competition. Customers are also more likely to hold on to collateral that they find unique than a traditional design. (Image via)

Thank you cards

Packaging insert

Everyone appreciates a handwritten note! Writing a simple thank you to your customers for placing their order can help create a more personalized experience and keep you top of mind. Send your thank you note on stationery personalized to your brand for a professional touch. If your customer base is too large to spend time writing a thank you to each client, you can still include a postcard or notecard with a message that has a personal feel. (Image via)


Packaging insert

What better way to add a smile to your customer’s face than with a sticker? Add your logo or a fun message to an eye catching design for an experience that sticks! Adding a seal to your packaging can make it feel as though your customer is opening something special. Or, simply slip a sticker in with the order that can be used to help spread brand awareness! (Image via)


Packaging insert

For a marketing tool that’s a bit more unique (and also useful!), why not design a magnet with your company’s branding or logo? A magnet is an out of the box piece that adds something different to a package and can be used to increase brand recognition.


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