Celebrate the Rio 2016 Olympics with these FREE Printables!


Whether you’re a sports fanatic or more of a casual viewer, the Olympics always seem to instill a sense of excitement! This year’s Summer Olympic Games, which come around once every four years, is hosted in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. While met with some controversy over potential health risks, the Rio 2016 games are now in full swing and sparking worldwide interest. The games officially take place between August 5th and 21st, with the Paralympic Games being held September 7th to 17th.

What better way to celebrate the Olympics than with some free printables? Get into the spirit of the games with these creative ideas that are perfect for throwing a viewing party with friends or a fun activity with the kids.

Viewing Party Printables (via)


Add some finesse to your Olympics themed party with these adorable circles and medals. Use a scallop punch to add a fun border around circles – they make great treat toppers!

World Flag Bunting (via)


Create a flags of the world themed bunting for a festive party decoration.

Olympics Mascot Colouring Page (via)


Print off this cute illustration of official Rio 2016 mascots, Vinicius and Tom for an interactive activity with the kids! Vinicius, the mascot of the Olympic games, represents Brazilian wildlife. Tom, mascot for the Paralympic games represents the flora and fauna of Brazilian forests. Download here.

At Home Olympics Party Printables (via)


Recreate your own Olympic games at home with these perfect printables that include event signage, podium signs, custom water bottle labels and more!

Photobooth Props (via)


Liven up your party with some Olympic themed photobooth props – laurel wreaths, the iconic rings, and Olympic coloured stars included! Your friends will love taking snaps to share.

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