3 Things We Learned from the 2016 CN Tower Climb for Nature

CN Tower Climb

Last week, members of Team TPH participated in WWF-Canada’s Annual CN Tower Climb for Nature! Thousands of individuals, groups and teams were challenged to conquer all 1,776 steps (144 flights) of the Toronto landmark, raising funds to support WWF’s efforts in conserving our planet’s natural environment. We had a blast training, fundraising and attending the event, and even learned a few things along the way!

1. Break it down.

When we first signed up for the CN Tower Climb, conquering 1,776 sounded like a daunting task. With team members of all ages and fitness levels participating, many of us were apprehensive in our abilities to overcome the challenge. However when the time came, we learned that a great strategy to reach your end goal is to break it down into smaller, more achievable tasks. Taking a break after every 20 or so flights made the 144 floors seem much more attainable!

2. Celebrate your wins.

When looking to reach a goal in any aspect of your life, remaining positive is crucial to keeping your motivation and spirits up to get yourself to the finish line. One of the best ways to stay positive? Celebrate small victories, wins or accomplishments along the way! Throughout our training and fundraising campaigns, every little step towards our goal was worth acknowledgement. Congratulating yourself on a job well done is a great way to stay upbeat while working hard!

3. Lean on Your Team.

Whether it’s in your personal life, at work, or for a fundraising event like the CN Tower Climb, counting on your teammates is key! Being able to collaborate and support each other in a positive way can be the driving force that propels your team towards success. When you work together to foster an environment filled with encouragement and positivity, it becomes much easier to overcome challenges. It’s also comforting to know that everyone on your team is going through the same experience you are – whether it’s climbing stairs or tackling a big project!

TPH is a proud partner of WWF-Canada. As Canada’s largest international conservation organization, WWF has worked to protect the future of nature for half a century! Thank you to everyone who supported our team at the CN Tower Climb. It was an honour to participate among some stellar individuals for a wonderful cause.

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