How to Use Print in Your Corporate Fundraising Efforts

Corporate Fundraising

Over the past few decades, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become an increasingly important part of any company’s strategy to be viewed as a business that consumers respect and want to engage with. A commitment to goals that reach beyond a company’s product or service offering show dedication to the greater good and can establish a positive image for your brand. One notable aspect of CSR is regularly contributing to charitable non-profit organizations with causes that align with your company’s values. Fundraising plays a huge role in charity donations, and it can be difficult at times to come up with an effective strategy for efficiently raising funds. A strong fundraising strategy can help you reach your objectives and provide the most impact to causes that matter. Marketing your fundraising initiative successfully to potential supporters, stakeholders, and other organizations is key to driving results. Here’s how you can use print in your corporate fundraising efforts to ensure you meet your goals:


A classic marketing tool for businesses and events, posters are one of the most cost effective ways to spread the word about your campaign. An eye-catching design hung on office walls, community boards, or other high traffic areas is a great way to advertise your cause or event and communicate important information.


Encourage potential supporters to donate or sign up for a fundraising event such as a walk or run by having the necessary paperwork and documentation at the ready. Forms are great to include in any direct mail pieces sent out, as well as fundraising kits (described in more detail below).

Direct Mail

A targeted marketing campaign can yield far more significant results than general mail pieces. Taking the time to design a personalized mailer with variable content (e.g. adding a first name into the greeting line on a postcard) can help you connect with potential supporters in a personal way.


Everyone loves a great sticker design! Hand out stickers at your next fundraising event featuring yours or your selected charity’s logos, an “I donated!” design, or another fun and eye catching concept to boost morale and get supporters engaged. Stickers also make for a great promotional tool to get the word out about your fundraising initiative.

Fundraising Kits

For the ultimate fundraising boost, create a package containing multiple items that supporters can use to get a kick start on their own fundraising efforts. This is great for events where different teams will be involved, such as a walk or run. Create a fundraising kit by including all the important documents and forms required, as well as marketing tools such as posters, stickers, magnets and other goodies to rally the troops together and get people excited about contributing to a great cause!

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