Spring Cleaning Tips for your Brand

Brand Spring Cleaning

Spring is a time to refresh and renew, with the warmer weather and promise of greenery lifting spirits and inspiring growth. While traditional associations with spring cleaning bring to mind images of house chores and the like, spring is also a time for you to freshen up your branding and breathe new life into your marketing campaigns. Check out the tips below for some ideas on how you can stay current, not stale!

Reevaluate Your Audience

If your business is committed to continuously evolving, chances are your audience will also evolve over time, especially if there are any changes being made to your product offering. Take a moment to verify your customer base: define who they are and what they’re most interested in. Staying in touch with your audience is key to ensuring your marketing strategy is well aligned and targeting the right crowd.

Another way you can make sure your audience stays relevant? Take the time to review your marketing lists and cleanse your data. Ensure information is complete and accurate, and delete any contacts that may lead to dead ends.

Unify Your Social Media Channels

With brands turning more and more frequently to social media for their marketing efforts, it’s important to ensure that you’re communicating a consistent brand message through your various accounts. Customers will respond positively to repetitive imagery such as logos and cover photos and more easily be able to recall your brand if your channels are unified. It also doesn’t hurt to go through the list of accounts you follow and to remove any users who are inactive or post irrelevant content.

Update Content

An easy way to freshen up your branding is to update any old photos or other outdated content that exists on your website or other online presences. If you’ve updated your logo or other branding recently, chances are you may have missed traces of your old branding on the web in places often overlooked, such as your online listings. Reviewing your content periodically and retiring images that seem out of place or passé is a great way to stay current and interesting to your audience.

Brand Spring Cleaning


Clear the Clutter

One of the cardinal rules of spring cleaning, whether it applies to the home, office, or your business: ditch the junk! If you’re signed up for a social media channel that just wasn’t the right fit, have pages on your website that no one’s visiting, or have old collateral collecting dust in the storage room, it might be time to declutter. Every marketing effort you make should have purpose; ridding yourself of campaigns and avenues that aren’t adding value can help streamline your company’s message to your customers and bring more focus to your goals.


Create New Collateral

Have you been reprinting the same tired designs for flyers, brochures, and business cards for as long as you can remember? It may be time for a refresh. You can breathe new life into your collateral with simple design changes like switching up your font choice. If customers are constantly exposed to the same marketing messages from your company, they may feel like you have nothing new to offer.


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