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It’s no secret that 3D printing has paved the way for advancement in numerous fields in recent years, including the medical and healthcare industries. 3D printing technology has made it possible to produce everything from low cost prosthetic parts, to organ replacements, to medical models that can be used for research and training. TPH creates 3D parts for Artery Studios, a company that specializes in medical visualization to provide a deeper understanding of complex medical issues.

Artery Studios focuses on two main categories of medical visual communications: Medical-legal and Healthcare Communications. The Medical-legal segment provides litigators with powerful visual tools that accurately depict injuries to aid in personal injury cases, while the Healthcare Communications segment specializes in providing visuals for the medical device, patient education, and medical training markets. The company has provided customized visuals to communicate detailed medical information for over 20 years.

While Artery Studios provides many different types of visual communication including illustrations, animations, and interactive media, the most innovative and impactful visualization offered are 3D models. 3D models are a captivating and accurate method to illustrate injuries and other medical conditions in a way that can easily be understood by patients, doctors, medical industry professionals and more. Artery Studios can combine a client’s CT/MRI scan data with the 3D printing process to create a lifelike model representing the patient’s condition.

In the example below, TPH was able to 3D print a fractured skull to communicate the details of head trauma. The CT scan data and 3D rendering were provided by Artery Studio, and the physical 3D printed model was created using TPH’s Objet500 Connex3 3D printer. This device can print with a variety of materials to create functional prototypes and models with an impressive amount of detail.


3D Model provided by Artery Studios
3D Model provided by Artery Studios
Artery Studios
3D Printed model created with the Objet500 Connex3 3D printer


3D printing has made it possible to quickly and affordably bring ideas to life, including revolutionary items such as the medical visualizations created by Artery Studios. With 3D printing technology becoming increasingly accessible, valuable and meaningful applications will continue to develop and advance.

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