3D Printed Prototypes: Phazon Wireless Earbuds

3D Printed Prototypes

Dreamed of owning a pair of earbuds that won’t fall out, whether you’re hitting the gym, going for a jog, or simply on the commute home? Phazon, a tech startup based in Montreal, Quebec, has come up with the solution: one size fits all wireless earbuds that are guaranteed to fit and stay in place, even under water! The earbuds are stored and charged in a handy charging case, and work with Bluetooth technology to connect to your devices. If you think it sounds too good to be true, check out the company’s promotional video showcasing the earbuds below:

TPH had the pleasure of working with Phazon to create 3D printed prototypes of their wireless buds – an awesome example of one of the many applications of 3D printing! Our 3D print store in downtown Toronto used the Connex3 3D printer to produce the prototypes out of a rubberlike polymer material. Phazon relies on their unique fit (a combination of what they refer to as ‘special form factor’ with a simple twist motion) to guarantee that the earbuds will remain stable and sit comfortably in anyone’s ear. To achieve the perfect form factor, the company tested hundreds of prototypes to get the fit just right. This is where 3D printing was able to play a huge role, allowing the company to quickly and easily tweak the design of the product to their satisfaction. In most cases, the turnaround time on printing the prototypes was only a few hours!

3D Printed Prototypes

Other features of the earbuds include an app for smartphones to locate them if lost, passive noise cancellation, HD sound quality, and a variety of available colours. If you’re interested in purchasing a pair, you can visit Phazon’s page on Indiegogo. The company has exceeded their fundraising goal, with over $1.6 million raised!

Interested in learning more about 3D printing and how it can be used for affordable prototyping? Contact our 3D print location to chat about the possibilities!

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