How to entice your customers with clever menu design

Menu Design

Menus play a huge role in the success of your restaurant – they set the tone for the customer experience and often make the first impression. Keeping a few important factors in mind when designing your menu can ensure a recipe for success, and can even help guide your customer’s purchasing habits. Consider the tips below when creating your menus:

Menu DesignSkip the dollar signs

If you’d like your customers to spend a little more at your restaurant, try skipping the dollar signs when featuring prices on the menu. People don’t want to be reminded that they’re spending money!

Be deliciously descriptive

Studies have shown that customers find dishes that are described in detail more appealing. Developing mouthwatering language that describes the food provides the reader with a sensory experience, making them more inclined to order. Customers are also drawn to foods connected to the idea of family – think “Aunt May’s Famous Apple Pie” or “Gramma’s Fancy Fried Chicken”.

Visually highlight your best sellers

Really want to push a specific dish? Tweaking the layout of your menu can really do the trick! Draw attention to your best entrees with a defined box or other distinguishing element to really make them look special and stand out.

Extremeness aversion

Customers tend to avoid the most expensive and the least expensive items on the menu, known as extremeness aversion. You can use the relative positioning of these items to help influence customer choice: if you place the most expensive item at the top of the page, everything below it will seem more reasonably priced to the reader!

Use numbers to your advantage

Your choice of numbers can have a dramatic effect on customer perception. It’s suggested that prices that end with a “9” (e.g. $11.99) are associated with value, while prices that end with “.95” are perceived as more welcoming!

Menu DesignCentered justification

Another layout trick! Try centering your text on the page to scatter pricing information. When prices are justified neatly to one side, customers are more likely to compare between them and be influenced by price point.

Select high end print stocks & finishes

Touch is one of the most powerful senses you can use to connect with your customers. You can communicate high quality simply with the choice of paper and finishes you use on your menus. Try a thicker stock for a high-end look and feel, or add special finishing such as hot foiling and embossing for elegance.

Keep these tips in mind when you’re designing your next menu! If you need help with a design concept or producing your menus, The Printing House provides custom menu printing services. Contact your closest TPH branch to learn more.


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