TPH Does the Smart Office Challenge

Smart Office Challenge

Last week, the Business Development Department at the TPH Head Office participated in The Smart Office Challenge as a way to kick off our new partnership with WWF-Canada! This fun, weeklong initiative organized in part by WWF-Canada’s Living Planet @ Work aims to address the waste and energy impact resulting from the energy, paper and equipment used on a day to day basis around the office. Each day of the week involved a different activity to help employees reduce their impact and work towards becoming a smarter, greener department. TPH has always cared about environmental responsibility, so taking on the Smart Office Challenge seemed like a no-brainer for our Head Office! Read the recap below to see what we got up to each day.

Smart Office ChallengeDay 1: Introduction

Email communication is a huge part of the daily routine at the TPH office. We thought the best way to inform our coworkers of each day’s initiative was by creating eye-catching, informative emails highlighting the activities and their importance. For the first day of the Smart Office Challenge, office members were sent an introductory email explaining the goal of the challenge to build excitement!

Day 2: Power Down

The second day of the week challenged employees to power down their computers and computer monitors before leaving at the end of the day. This small, yet impactful action is often overlooked but is one of the most easy and effortless ways to reduce energy consumption. To encourage office members to participate, those who remembered to power down received a treat on their desk in the morning (see below)!

Smart Office Challenge


Day 3: Print & Recycle Responsibly

One of the core philosophies at TPH is to print only what you need, when you need it! This motto was extremely fitting for day three of the challenge, which urged employees to be conscious of their paper use. This involved printing documents on both sides of the sheet, reducing margin widths and decreasing font sizes to fit more on the page, and printing multiple up when possible. In addition to limiting paper use, office members were also educated on which products can and can’t be thrown in the blue bin.



Day 4: E-Waste Collection

The fourth day of the week marked the start of our office e-waste drive. Only 12.5% of e-waste is responsibly recycled – the rest ends up in landfills or is shipped illegally overseas. Employees had the opportunity to bring in old electronics to be disposed of responsibly by members of our green team!


Smart Office Challenge


Day 5: IT Appreciation Day

To close the week, we had a day to celebrate our Head Office IT Department and all they do for us! The IT team is the glue that keeps the department up and running through the various hardware and software required to complete daily tasks. In addition to educating the employees about the role of office IT, our green team provided cupcakes to the IT department and created a fun, interactive quiz as a way to summarize the information learned throughout the week.

Overall, the Smart Office Challenge was a great way to get our Business Development Department thinking about how their everyday actions impact the office’s waste and energy footprint. Not only a fun team building exercise, our office really felt good about the small changes they were making to help the environment. We challenge your office (big or small) to participate in the Smart Office Challenge to make a difference on your impact!

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