Custom Cutting: A Cut Above

Custom Cutting

In today’s competitive marketplace, each touchpoint with a potential customer is a valuable opportunity to win business. With so much information being delivered each moment by different companies from various channels, the ability to stand out amongst the crowd has become a key factor to success. Adding a custom shape to your print collateral is a memorable way to capture attention and make a lasting impression on customers. Custom cutting allows you to bring your ideas to life, add unique and eye catching shapes, and can help you communicate a consistent brand message.

How does it work?

Computer guided custom cutting has made it possible to affordably and accurately create one of a kind printed pieces. Whether you’re looking to add a special shape to your business cards, invitations, brochures, or other type of collateral, custom cutting lets you take command of your design. Unlike traditional die-cutting, which involves producing an expensive metal die to “punch” a shape from the paper, custom cutting uses advanced technology to guide a blade along the specified path. The process is highly automated and precise, as the blade is guided by the computer.

Custom Cutting Examples

Packaging and Labels:

Using custom cutting in your packaging or label design is a great way to help your product stand out. Have your design leap of the shelf with a unique shape, or create a window that frames your product to give your customers a peek inside!

Custom Cutting

Custom cutting is also a great solution for affordable prototyping – test drive new designs and easily tweak and readjust as necessary.

Business Cards:

Your business card is often the first thing you give out to potential customers. Make the right impression by creating a custom shape or interactive concept that will be remembered. Why stick to a traditional rectangle when you can use custom cutting to create any shape you can imagine?

Custom Cutting

Drive your branding home with a business card in the shape of your company’s logo, or have your logo cutout from the center of the card for a neat effect!

Event Invitations:

Create a decorative border to add a touch of elegance to important event invitations. Having a themed party? Create whimsical shapes to match any occasion.

Custom Cutting

These are just a few of the ways custom cutting can take your print projects to the next level! Consider using custom shapes in your sticker designs, pocket folders, door hangers, and other types of printed collateral to capture and hold the attention of your customers. People are drawn to unique designs and are more likely to keep your brand top of mind if you provide one of a kind marketing materials.

You can learn more about custom cutting on our website. If you’re interested in creating your own custom cut print project, contact your closest TPH branch and we’d be more than happy to help!


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