Enhance Your Print Projects with Electronic Publishing

Electronic Publishing

In today’s hectic marketplace, convenience and engagement are key factors in capturing the attention of customers. With people constantly on the go, multitasking, and commuting to and from work, providing easy access to information has become a valuable asset. This is where Electronic Publishing can become the perfect complement to traditional print services. While nothing can Electronic Publishingreplace the effective tangibility of a printed piece, digital publications are a great accompaniment to printed collateral and can enhance the delivery of your message through multimedia elements: video, audio, interactive links and more.

E-Publishing transforms your printed documents into digital publications which your customers can easily access on their computer, tablet, or mobile device. Converting your materials into multiple formats shows that your organization is well prepared, and understands that today’s customers enjoy consuming media in different ways. TPH offers Electronic Publishing services that can enhance your printed materials, and can provide unique benefits for your business:

1-Step Digital Publishing

Your PDF print document can be automatically converted into digital format in one convenient step. Our E-publications are equipped with flip page animations to mimic the look of a printed book and enhance the user experience. Readers can also use the convenient navigation bar to jump to specific pages, search within the document, and flip between pages from start to finish. Click here to see an example of this technology in action.

Electronic Publishing


Media Rich Content

Inspire a deeper understanding of your content with relevant videos and links to additional information. Looking to create a unique experience for your customers? Add audio or music to your document to enhance the delivery of your message and create meaning. The ability to enrich your document with various types of media provides the opportunity to get your customers interacting with your materials in a whole new way.


Stay in Control

TPH’s Electronic Publishing services offer a number of useful tools that help your business stay in control of your materials for the best results. Target your core customers by controlling exactly who you’d like to view your documents – custom content privacy tools allow you to set password protection. You can also easily match the domain of your publications to your branding, as our E-Publishing is completely white labeled with flexible hosting.

If you’re looking to provide your customers with more value, why not turn your next print project into a digital publication? Whether it’s a catalog, brochure, or other printed document, Electronic Publishing is a great way to get your customers interacting with your brand.

For more information, please visit our Electronic Publishing page. We’d love to help you take your printed materials to the next level!

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