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TPH offers a number of mobile 3D scanning solutions for whatever your 3D print needs may be. 3D scanning is a huge leap from traditional scanning processes and has been adopted as a key technology for people of all industries. 3D scans allow you to produce accurate digital records of your chosen subject (of any size) for easy replication and distribution, or to preserve important artifacts.

We recently worked with Cobalt Connects, a non-profit arts organization in Hamilton, Ontario, on a unique 3D scanning project. Cobalt Connects manages cultural projects all over Ontario – many of them public art projects and programs.

“Showtime”, a sculpture by Walt Rickli, was generously donated to the Art Gallery of Burlington by Dan Lawrie. Dan is also the contributing donor of the International Sculpture Collection, hosted by the Burlington Royal Botanical Gardens, which is managed by Cobalt Connects. For each work that Dan donates, he likes to receive a model version (maquette) of the artwork, as a keepsake for his home or office.

In this case, creating a smaller version of Showtime wasn’t possible by the artist, and 3D scanning/printing became the perfect solution! Our 3D print specialists arrived at the Art Gallery of Burlington with mobile scanners in hand, to create a detailed replica of the stone sculpture.

3D Scanning



Step 1: A scan of the sculpture was captured with one of TPH’s handheld scanning devices. Equipped with its own battery pack, our handheld scanner is completely portable, while still capable of scanning with precision in high resolution.





Step 2: The scan data was transformed into a 3D rendering of the sculpture. To ensure a pristine print, the rendering was also cleaned and edited by our 3D design specialists.





Step 3: Texture Mapping was applied to the rendering to create the stone appearance, which was saved as a 3D printer friendly OBJ file.





Step 4: The sculpture came to life! The OBJ file was 3D printed and specially finished to create the accurate miniature model.




This project is a great example of the unique applications of 3D scanning. Our experts are able to capture accurate renderings of any sized surface area with intricate detail and precision!

If you’re interested in doing a 3D scan or print project of your own, please contact our 3D branch. We’d be happy to help with any project you have in mind!

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