Four Ways to Use Metallic Dry Ink in Your Print Projects

Metallic Dry Ink

The Printing House now offers digital Metallic Dry Ink – an affordable solution to add sparkle and shine to your printed projects! Currently available in Gold and Silver, these inks are a beautiful way to bring attention to important elements on the page.

Similar to metallic offset inks, Metallic Dry Ink has a subtle shimmer that adds extra dimension to your design. This method also offers considerable cost and speed advantages over traditional foil stamping, as it happens inline during the printing process.

Four ways you can use Metallic Dry Ink to increase the value of your print products:

Logos and other key elements

In today’s marketplace, it’s becoming increasingly challenging to stand out from competitors. Catch the eyes of your customers and have your message heard! Metallic Dry Ink is an awesome way to draw attention to logos, headlines, names and other important elements.


Easily add a mark of authenticity to your printed piece with Metallic Dry Ink. The shimmering finish helps your print pop and makes any seal or special insignia look official. Add extra dimension by layering Metallic Dry Ink through multiple passes through the printer.

Variable Data

Variable text, which allows for more personalization when reaching customers through print products such as direct mail pieces, comes to life when used in combination with metallic ink. Make an impression on your customers by highlighting their name or other important variable information.

Luxury stationary

Have an upcoming party or event? Wedding planning for your special day? Add an elegant touch to your invitations, cards, or any other type stationary with metallic ink. Shimmering gold or silver draws attention to names and titles.

Metallic Dry Ink

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If you’re interested in this stunning effect, we invite you to visit your nearest TPH location, where you can pick up a FREE 2016 Calendar featuring our Metallic Dry Ink!

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