8 Cool Uses for Large Format Printing

Custom cut printing

Large format printing is a great way to grab the attention of your customers in a unique way. With expanded capabilities and a wide variety of printing surfaces available, the applications for large format reach much further than traditional posters and signage! Check out eight of the coolest uses for large format printing below:

1.  Prototypes:

Packaging Printing


Large format printing is an awesome way to create prototypes for packaging, or to print interesting one-off or short-run projects such as the ballot box pictured above. (via)

2. Point of Purchase (POP) Displays

Display printing

POP displays are the eye-catching, branded displays that appear near the checkout or highly visible areas of retail spaces. Large format printing is used to create these fun pieces. (via)

3. Event Backdrops

Backdrops printing

Whether for an important tradeshow, conference, or other special event, having the right backdrop sets the tone and gives off a professional feel. With unique solutions such as mesh backdrops (which allow for light and sound to travel through), there are a number of different options to choose from to suit your needs. (via)

4. Table Wraps

Table wraps printing

Take your branding to the next level by adding wraps to your tables, podiums, counters and more. Strengthen your visibility and have your logo seen from all directions! (via)

5. Wall Murals

Wall murals printing

Add a funky display to your retail or office space with a large format wall mural! (via)

6. Decals

Custom decals printing

Advertise your business on windows, cars, or any other surface. Decals are an easy solution to have your message seen and heard.

7. Oversized Magnets

Custom magnets printing

Dreaming of a larger than life magnet design? Adhesive vinyls and mounting mean you’re not limited by size.

8. Custom Cut Marketing Pieces

Custom cut marketing pieces printing

Create one-of-a-kind marketing pieces in any shape you can think of. (via)

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