3D Printing Case Study: Repairing Hinges

3D printing is great for addressing plastic parts repairs around the house. You can create replacement parts for virtually any object made out of plastic, particularly those that are hard to get (e.g. a discontinued part). In this case, TPH was able to assist a customer in printing the inner plastic ring of a kitchen cabinet hinge.

Repaired inner plastic ring of a kitchen cabinet hinge.
Repaired inner plastic ring of a cabinet hinge.

Obscure replacement parts can be a hassle to locate. TPH is happy to help – bring in your damaged piece and we’ll print a new one for you! When 3D printing repair parts, be mindful of your intended part’s use: 3D printing may not be suitable for high stress, high heat, or extreme functional uses.

The plastic ring that was reproduced in this case has a 1” diameter with 2 screw holes, which snaps into place within the hinge cap for a snug fit. The ring expands when the hinge is operated in the opening and closing of the cabinet.

The machine that was used to produce this part was TPH’s Connex3 3D printer. This machine was able to reproduce the fine details of the countersink for the screws, while ensuring the thin border of the ring was strong enough to withstand practical use.

The price for the design and printing of this project was $98. While seemingly more expensive than purchasing a plastic ring at the hardware store, this particular hinge was a discontinued part. The alternative for the customer was to purchase new hinges for all of her cabinets – an even pricier option. In the end, 3D printing provided a unique solution to the problem, showcasing this technology’s potential for a wide variety of applications! If you have a 3D printing project you’d like to explore with TPH, don’t hesitate to contact our 3D branch.

Damaged part (left) and 3D printed repair (right)



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