3 Ways to freshen up your branding and build awareness

building brand awareness

No matter how timeless or universal a brand may be, there is always some room for improvement. With companies like Google and Starbucks rebranding, it is evident that even on a large, and not to mention costly scale, rebranding or just tweaking even the strongest brands can be crucial. No matter the size of your business, there are always tools available!

1. Logo design – Your logo is the heart and soul of your brand, but even the strongest brands have made slight changes. Talk about different font options or the addition of an alternate logo. Stay current with trends and be highly observant of what other brands around you are doing. If the trend has gone more towards flat design, get a feel for what a tweak like this may do for your logo. Your designer is your best friend and should be able to open up your options. They’ve got the keys but you’re in the driver’s seat.

Apple logo history design

2. Redesigning your space – Whether you work in a retail environment or an office, there are always ways to freshen up the look and feel of the experience you are offering to your clients. One way is with the signage in your space. If you work in a retail environment it’s a no-brainer that your space will communicate your brand and activate sales. Try mixing up your signage with different sizes and formats, from decals to A-frame signs and more. Think outside the box! A unique custom cut piece with a special finish will keep your customer’s attention and leave a lasting impression. If the office is where you interact with customers, give your customers some materials they can touch and feel. A hardcover coffee table book describing your brand may get their attention before you’ve even gotten a chance to introduce yourself.

Branded environment design

3. Business Card design – Your business card speaks volumes about you and your company. Your card is your main vehicle for personal promotion. It’s not just a piece of paper with contact information, but rather it’s the first touch point between you and your potential customer or business partner. Think about your social media; Do you have a viral Youtube channel, an engaging Twitter account, a tantalizing Instagram page, or all of the above? Tell the world about it! This can be done subtly but effectively. Think about your finishing options as well. Custom cutting may make your card stand out in the pile. A soft-touch coating may add another reason to hold onto the card for longer.

Any marketing department will know that branding is paramount. Finding ways to communicate that effectively can be challenging, however. Use these tools as a weapon; Freshen up your branding and capture your audience!

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