Three ways to beef up your pitch

In today’s digital world, almost anything is available at the palm of one’s hand, however when it comes to adding that extra value, print can serve as a fairly mighty weapon of choice. High quality printed pitch materials could make the difference between a lasting impression and a PowerPoint deck lost in the continuum of one’s email inbox.

1.Reinforce your branding

collateral exampleYou don’t have to overwhelm your audience, but make sure to use that perfect mix of print applications to support your corporate branding. A pitch sheet may be accommodated by some other print applications such as notebooks, post cards, pocket folders and more. Get your audience on board by letting them touch and feel your brand. Whether your industry is hospitality, technology, food, or other, a strong brand is what it takes to build a following and gain support. If you can give your audience a souvenir for the road that’s an added bonus; they will remember you for that.

2. Amaze and impress

vid cardPeople typically remember the extremely incredible and the obscenely horrible and not much in between. Be extraordinary and memorable with everything you do, from your public speaking, to your multimedia, supporting materials, and even your business cards.

Throw in something neat such as a video card to put your multimedia in the palm of your audience’s hand. A hardcover book may also garner a few Ooh’s and Ah’s. Take it one step further and add some texture; soft touch coating may give your piece that sexy feel people don’t want to let go of.


3. Get your message across

Most importantly, print is a form of communication. Its main goal is to get your message across, so keep it concise and effective.

Don’t replicate your PowerPoint deck on paper and give it to your audience to follow along. Your presentation has less meaning and loses that air of excitement that way. Instead, supplement your pitch deck with some additional information. Don’t go with a traditional Word doc, but rather you should take the time to lay it out and design it in a way that transcends your content beyond just text. An image or two never hurt anyone

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