10 of the best direct mail examples


Print mail is arguably more important that email these days. With so many spam emails out there, it’s more impactful to grab the attention of your customer through tactile direct mail. Direct mail is likely to be opened if it looks official, is from a recognized sender, and looks intriguing.

If you need a little inspiration on how to get creative with your direct mail, check out the following examples…

1. Green Belgium


On World Water Day, Green Belgium sent out this direct mail piece. It uses a special ink that is revealed when the piece is held under running water. It reinforces their message that water is the source of all knowledge.

2. Touch Branding


This branding agency believes in infusing all elements of their brand with a strong message and lots of personality. One of the key pieces of their branding is the blood bag direct mailer – definitely a standout.

3. MacBeth


This unique direct mail design is a creative invitation for the Shakespeare classic of Macbeth. Playing with the familiar arch branding of McDonalds makes it instantly recognizable and attention-grabbing.

4. Design Indaba


This is a campaign for an international design conference and aims to show how a regular item can be reimagined into something extraordinary. This example is a direct mail poster that delivers a poster invite and showcases what the packaging tube could be used for.

5. Watermarks


This direct mail piece is for a company whose premise is based around mail. It offers a way for customers to mail in a water sample and they will receive the results via email. The illustrations on the front are an excellent touch.

6. Skoda Park Assist


Click the image above to view the video of this direct mail piece in action. This print piece has a cool interactive portion to it where the user can see how the Skoda system would make parking a breeze.

7. IKEA pop up


This mailer shows just how easy it is to decorate your home with easy-to-assemble IKEA furniture. Well, it’s almost this easy. Allen key and frustration not included.

8. ADT Box


This piece isn’t meant for the mailbox – it’s meant to be slid under the door of an apartment building. A combination of cardboard and rubber bands makes the box stand up once it’s slid under the door and shows just how breaking into your apartment is easier than you think.

9. GGRP Sound


This cardboard record player fits nicely into an envelope for easy mailing. Once it is assembled, a record can be spun on it using a pencil and the shape of the cardboard amplifies the vibrations to make the record play. Feel free to send one of these my way.

10. Crispeakers


Keeping on the theme of sound, this is a pizza box that can be reused to amplify the sound on your smartphone. The goal was to showcase how crisp Greenwich Pizza Thins are and what better way than making a pizza box with some crisp sound.

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