7 awesome things that have been 3D printed

7 things that have been
3D printing is still new enough that people aren’t entirely sure what they should do with it. There are some unique applications of 3D printing out there. It’s been used for so many things from prototyping to creating firearms. There’s so much potential in the field and a lot of areas left to explore with 3D printing. But if you can imagine it, you can basically create it with this technology.

Here’s a taste of what has been happening in the world of 3D printing.

1. Guitars


3D printed guitars are just one way that this technology is being used. It is said that you could throw one of these guitars against a wall without worrying about the guitar being damaged, which would be deeply disappointing for guitarists with Pete Townshend aspirations, but great for the rest of us. Using this additive process to make guitars offers a new degree of customization that wasn’t available before in the world of electric guitars. The plastic lacks the resonance of wood for acoustic guitars, but it’s perfect for creating a show-stopping look for an electric guitar.

2. Limbs for children


The work of Not Impossible Labs is a beautiful example of 3D printing being used for good. 3D printers are being used to make limbs for amputees at a low cost, including Daniel Omar of Sudan who lost his arm in a Sudanese bomb blast. With Not Impossible Labs, co-founder Mick Ebeling aims to find healthcare solutions using low-cost and open-source methods.

3. …and dogs


This dog, Derby, was born with deformed front legs which meant he was unable to move faster than a crawl. A 3D printing company created these loop-shaped prosthetics that now allow him to do what dogs love to do: run. There are also plans to fit him with increasingly longer legs until he reaches what would be his typical height.

4. …and ducks


Buttercup the duck was born with his left foot turned backwards and was destined to a life of painful hobbling. Or at least until a 3D printed foot was created and fitted for him. Now he is able to walk and swim properly.

Have you ever seen a duck look so completely jazzed before?

5. Water bottle roof tiles


A Canadian entrepreneur has been giving new life to water bottles, crushing them to create roof tiles in Costa Rica. The idea had to go through a prototyping process and TPH created the 3D printed prototype of the bottle crusher for this project. Learn more about this project from this video or check out our 3D printing services.

6. Wheelchair ramps


Raul Krauthausen used a Makerbot to create custom wheelchair ramps which help him to get up from the road on to the sidewalk. He’s posted the details of his experiments using a MakerBot 3D printer to create these ramps. He has also created Wheelmap, which is a crowdsourced map that shows places around the world that are wheelchair-friendly.

7. Insoles


There have been various advancements in the medical field that use 3D printing. Among them is the use of 3D printing to create insoles. Typically, a scanner is used to scan someone’s foot and then software is used to design an insole that will fit to their foot and replicate the way that they walk on land for better support in their shoes.

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