3 things we learned about business from tree planting

3 things we learned from tree planting

Last week we had the opportunity to go plant some trees with The Carbon Farmer, so naturally we jumped at the chance! Three of us headed out to Clarington, east of Toronto and spent a few hours planting saplings. If you haven’t heard of The Carbon Farmer, you should check them out. They do some great work in supporting the restoration of Canadian forests. We’ve partnered with them to plant a tree for every new account opened and you’ll often see us giving away free trees at events too!

But back to the tree planting. Here are a couple things that we learned along the way that applies to not only tree planting, but to business and more:

1. Communication is key.

Between our little team of people, we had over 100 trees to plant and less than two hours to do it in. We had one person carrying the bag of saplings and we had to make sure that we were planting a variety of trees and that we were giving each tree enough space to grow. Working together to plant that many trees requires some communication so we knew who was planting where and we were keeping things in their proper zones. Being able to communicate well is so important to being a successful team.

2. You can’t cut corners without sacrificing speed and quality.

Both speed and quality are important to both tree planting and our business. We were quite proud of planting the amount that we did, considering it was our first time planting. Professional tree planters can do about five times more in the same amount of time and they can’t cut corners on the quality of their planting. We had to aim for speed and quality. It’s important that the trees are planted so that they’ll grow upwards and that their roots are planted properly so that they won’t dry out. It’s about striking the right balance between planting things properly and being efficient.

3. Do the work and the results will come.

Sometimes it can be frustrating when you don’t see the results straight away. When you’re planting trees, the real results won’t be visible for years. It’s not one of those things were you can instantly see how your work is going to impact things. This happens all of the time in business too. Focus on the task at hand and on doing a quality job and trust that the results will come.

Overall, it was a really rewarding experience and it would make for a great teambuilding exercise that also benefits the environment. Bonus!

You can see our virtual forest over here.

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2 thoughts on “3 things we learned about business from tree planting

  1. Yeah. I also enjoy the process of planting trees. And yes, although we can’t see the result of the planting right away, somehow it just make me feel good to give something back to the environment.

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