How to get your business ready for the Pan Am games

Getting your business Pan Am ready

A big theme in businesses getting ready for the Pan Am games is planning ahead. Signs are popping up around the city and we’re drawing near to the start date. You’re bound to see the Pan Am logo somewhere if you go out anywhere in the GTA.

Here are some things that you should think about before it’s game time:

Scheduling deliveries.

When is the best time for deliveries that you’re going to need during the games? You’ll want to consider off peak hours for deliveries and encourage your customers to order more of what they may need ahead of time if they are able to anticipate what they may need.

Coordinating with suppliers.

Are changing their policies around the Pan Am games? Some companies are offering free refunds for a week after the games so people can stock up on items that they may need and offering free returns of what’s leftover after. Get in touch with your suppliers to find out any changes.

Showing your support.

If you’re associated with the games then you’ll want to show off that association and support for the games. Adding the logo to your marketing materials is a must or add a poster to your window to cheer on our athletes.

Helping your employees plan.

There’s going to be a big increase in the number of people around Toronto so you’ll want to help cut down on traffic as much as possible. It’s helpful to offer people the ability to work from home or flexible working hours where people won’t have to travel during rush hour.

Here’s a breakdown of the Pan Am games by the numbers:


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